4 Ways Men Have Been Stereotyped. No. 3 Will Shock You

4 Ways Men Have Been Stereotyped. No. 3 Will Shock You

To be honest, bias and stereotypes impact us all: men, just like women, are constricted by stereotypes and emotionally abused if they act outside their traditional gender roles. One study found that men who cried at work were perceived as less competent than women who cried. 

This is true because more than one-third of boys think society expects them to be strong and tough, “be a man,” and “suck it up,” according to a survey by Plan International USA.

Below are a few ways men have been stereotyped.

  • All men should be huge – very masculine and deep throated 

This is pretty much one of the biggest stereotypes there is. Blatantly concluding on a man’s abilities, or who he is simply because they do not speak with a deep baritone, live to gym or walk a certain way is one of the most disturbing things there is. 

It is okay as a man to be soft-spoken, slender or have a love for fashion. It is sad that some Nigerian men’s emotions have been swept aside, and concluded upon, simply because their seeming characters are not typical to the average Nigerian male gender.

  • Men who cry are weak: men shouldn’t be Soft and Weak

The moment we realize that true strength is not based on the complexities of our physical strengths but on our attitude and response towards others, the better and well adapted for life would we be. Because of this perceived soft and weak behaviours, a lot of men have become recipients of Harassment, Gender Policing, and the butt of inappropriate jokes. It is okay for men to cry or to show their emotions however they choose to. 

  • Men who wear waist trainers are effeminate 

A lot of people have believed over time that only effeminate men wear waist trainers. This is completely false. There are a thousand and one benefits of wearing a trainer and who says men should/can not enjoy these benefits! Waist cincher trainer corset sport girdle is made of flexible and durable neoprene three layers composite fabric that provides stretchy and tight compression to the lower belly area, back support and tummy control. 

Neoprene waist trimmer belt can create a sauna effect in your core body and love handles to make men sweat out excess water weight, flatten abdomen and provide an instant slim look. Tell me again why men should steer clear of waist trainers!

  • Men shouldn’t bother with skincare/ general body care

It starts from the belief that men should only “rub and shine” Men have been stereotyped to be creatures that can look rough and get away with it because it helps their masculinity. This is very untrue. Taking good care of one’s skin and body should be a skill that everyone engages in, no matter the gender. 

Contrary to popular opinion, men can exfoliate, cleanse, detox, have a manicure and pedicure and it takes nothing away from their manliness. Men, please invest in sunscreen today, you will come back and thank me. 

Have you been stereotyped in any way as a man? Why not share your experience with us below! We’d definitely love to read from you. 

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