Shapewear – The Different Types & Functions

Shapewear – The Different Types & Functions

There’s much going on when it comes to shapewear that it’s easy to get confused at the startling array of the choices available. It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so very few people are a perfect ten or the dreamy ‘figure 8’ depending on how you look at it. Want to know a secret? Your fav celebrities probably have a wardrobe of shapewears a mile long! Don’t worry; Numerous celebs also have to wear mirage dresses plus shapewear to get that beautiful red-carpet curvy figure. There are constantly many types of shape clothing for females like us. They are excellent for hiding fat in certain regions. A vast array of shapewear is available to assist in smooth and defining a woman’s distinct body, thanks to technology, fashion, social media, and the ever-expanding curiosity about the human body (primarily the female body) in today’s society.

While some shapewear is created exclusively for the chest area, others focus on defining regions such as the derriere, bust, plus arms. Certain shapewear sculpts and other shapewear aids in the healing and recovery of post-surgical patients. The last group of shapewear makes a girl feel fab and self-assured. Therefore, in straightforward and plain terms, let’s look at different types of shapewear and the functions they perform!


Let’s begin with the popular body-shapers, otherwise called body suits. These are the most acceptable option if you want a full-covering shaper that moulds your thorax region, breast area, hips and thighs. Having the appearance of a swimsuit but with a twist. They are available as full-body suits with a chest cut-out so you can use your choice bra or bra cups. They provide smooth consistency by levelling out the stomach, hiding unwanted bulges, and giving a seemingly natural-looking bosom area lift while making you full or rounded. They are multifunctional and can be worn under any clothing, from business attire to formal attire to evening wear. If you desire maximum full-on contouring, with the option of the open chest, bra-cups, hips and thigh shaper, or no hip or thigh shaping, then this is the option for you! 

With this shaper, here is what you can get: For the breast region, you have three options: compression, bra cups, or open-busted to wear with your bra. This helps if your bra size is difficult and you intend to wear a low-cut neckline outfit. For every fashionista, this is a ‘must-have’. For everyday use, ensure to purchase multiple light-but-firm excellent quality materials. 


These are specifically designed for the mid-section and do a fantastic job of hiding the extra belly pouch or flab. Designed to tuck in the stomach and make the waist appear smaller in size. Lacing, zippers, or even hooks and eyes are used to modify and adjust for size, while the boning may be used to retain the form. Worn immediately under the breast and may continue to the waist or hips. For fashionistas, a beautiful woven waist cincher can cover apparel. If you need to sculpt your waistline or hide the extra pouch, consider this shapewear to produce a stunning and classic hourglass silhouette.

You may also wear quality, perfect-sized waist cinchers and tummy tuckers all day because they come in various designs and compression levels. First, identify your specific need and choose the perfect size. To avoid lines, boning and seams from the shapewear becoming visible, it is best to wear the waist cinchers and belly shapers beneath looser-fitting attire.

Body Shape concerns: Various waist cinchers and belly shaper sizes cater to every body shape; there’s something to fit every woman’s waistline. These waist shapers can aid improve posture and certain back discomfort. We propose using waist cinchers and shapers to highlight the contours of your waist for ladies with more oblong and apple-shaped profiles.


If you are looking for shapewear to hide your hips, slightly control your midsection, lift your butt and control your thigh, then shaping shorts, whether long or short, is what you need.   They offer smooth control around the lower belly area. Some are designed to extend up to the bra and down to mid-thigh. It combines all you need to shape the backside and higher back coverage to smooth out all the back bulges from the bra bottom to the short’s waistband. If you desire total all-over shaping, this is the option for you! The shaping shorts with chest coverage have Velcro clips that may be secured to your bra. This is to prevent the shorts from slipping down. These designs feature a high waistband intended to contour the belly, waist, and sometimes even the chest. Still, they also come with the bonus of hip control. 

Another shaper short can begin from the waistline. Control the thigh region and provide butt-lift depending on the cut pattern (cut-out butt or closed). Furthermore, close-fitting shorts with complete thigh control might be beneficial if you suffer from thigh chafing in hot climates. Also, they give the benefit of the appearance of toned thighs. Even if you’re not bothered, these shorts might be a smart alternative if you wear body-hugging clothes and do not want to have VPL (visible pant lines). Everyone can benefit from these shorts; even girls with ageless, seductive hourglass physiques use shapewear to conceal some bulges from time to time. It all depends on your desire to see around your hip, thigh and butt area. These hip, thigh and Butt shapers come in handy here! 


These garments provide considerable advantages to individuals recuperating from post-surgery or delivery. These garments give the body more support and stability as it heals after surgical treatments. While the Post-partum garments help you get snatched back up as soon as possible. The objective of compression garments after surgery is to assist in regulating blood circulation, which prevents bruising and allows the body to heal faster. 

Depending on your surgeon’s advice, try using post-surgical shapewear following liposuction, CS, breast lifts, stomach tucks, and other treatments. There are so many different sorts of operations that these garments can help with. The choice of post-surgical shapewear is determined by your treatment rather than your body type. Concentrate on your operation and work with your doctor to develop a health plan to locate the finest post-surgical garment for your rehabilitation, regardless of your body shape. No matter what body part you had the surgery on, there is a garment best suited to you.

The garments come in a variety of designs, technologies and control levels. However, please consult your doctor beforehand to confirm that these clothes are appropriate for your rehabilitation.


Remember the old days of wearing ‘shimi’? In contrast to those wide undergarments, these are similar to bodysuits, except instead of shorts, they are designed skirt-like. This control garment reaches down to the thighs, making using the toilet more accessible no undressing is required. Need something to smooth you all over but don’t like shorts? The shape slip dress, whether full or half, is an alternative to the shorts-like bodysuits mentioned earlier, giving covering down to the thigh and avoiding VPL.

If the concerned area is just your belly and hips, plus you need a different bra, then half-slips are your go-to. You can add shaping slips even if you’re wearing a tiny or midi dress. You do not need to worry about your slip showing through your clothes because they come with ultra-thin seams. Control half-slips are a fantastic alternative to wear with tiny skirts or dresses if you want to prevent VPL problems and need some belly control. Truly one of the extra comfy styles to wear.


These are yet another shapewear that focuses on the arm location. Arm shapers come in various styles but consistently achieve the same: they slim sagging areas of the arms known as “bat wings.”  This arm angel innovation helps the arm appear toned while reducing the jiggly look. It is ideal for wearing below a long-sleeved shirt to enhance definition or on its own beneath a slip dress or strappy top. It provides light control, so it shouldn’t be too challenging to wear all day, and you may even wear your existing bra.

Arm Shapers are ideal for wearing underneath a long-sleeved shirt or gown. If the concerned area is the flabby arms, then this is your option. It is in short sleeves and three-quarter sleeve lengths and connects beneath the bust for extra support. There are arm-shapers for post-surgical use also. They are also designed for support and healing while reducing the appearance of swelling.


So, we have talked about this before but let’s reiterate a few points. Shapewear for women comes in various styles, sizes, shades, and designs. You are covered if you are looking for something for your wedding, date night or daily essentials! Still do not know where or how to start? Here’s a pro-tip on what to look for in quality women’s shapewear:

  • Not all shapewear is made equal in terms of comfort: As humans differ in strength, adaptability and endurance levels, so are shapewear designed. Some shapewear is designed with stronger compression levels. Hence, choose the fabric and firmness according to your preferences, but make sure you are realistic and comfortable. Shapewear should ideally not slide down or restrict circulation – Don’t cut off or interfere with natural activities like breathing and eating! According to Tina Zimmerman, who is Kleinfeld Bridal’s director of alterations, “Shapewear should enhance your figure, and if it fits well, it should feel like your own skin, you should be able to bend and move, and if you can’t breathe, it’s not the right fit for you.” 
  • Know your needs: It is easy to walk into any shapewear store, get dazzled by the many options available and buy what you do not need or want. Hence, understanding your body type and what you ‘need’ vs ‘want’ is the best place to start. Do you want everyday wear or need to snatch in the tummy for that Sunday dress? Or maybe you need an excellent posture with a snatched look that gives no bulges anywhere? Or do you want to avoid the VPL? If you desire strict belly control and contour, you should look for shapewear with mid-to-high compression. Need some control but primarily to smooth your contours and complement your outfit? Choose items emphasising smoothing rather than compression to ensure comfort and form retention. Knowing what you want from your shapewear is key to making better choices and getting value from money spent.
  • Sizing: Go for appropriate sizes that give you your goals. Never compromise on comfort and smooth silhouette. Buying too small might squeeze your skin and generate unattractive bulges. Most times we don’t wear the same design or cut of clothes all the time. This is also true for shapewear. Variety, they say, is the spice of life. So, have several style variations of shapewear for different purposes. This makes looking glamorous and always hitch-free. 

The key takeaway, most of the shapewear in stores would fall into any of the categories listed here. Knowing where you want to make a difference in your physique will better inform your choices. So, what are your shapewear goals? There are plenty of shapewear solutions to make you feel fabulous. This guide can help you make better-informed decisions to ensure that the shapewear you buy targets the area of your body that you want to improve. Plus, help you get started experimenting with diverse shapewear options.

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