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4 Ways Men Have Been Stereotyped. No. 3 Will Shock You

To be honest, bias and stereotypes impact us all: men, just like women, are constricted by stereotypes and emotionally abused if they act outside their traditional gender roles. One study found that men who cried at work were perceived as less competent than women who cried.  This is true because more than one-third of boys […]


Body Shapers for Men – How it Helps

When it comes to using body shapers to achieve perfect body features or toned appearance, women are known to be at the forefront. Some men are still under-thought but these days, the conventional idea of shapewear being for women alone is changing.  Shapewear has become increasingly common for men of all ages all over the […]


How to Avoid Skin Irritations Caused by Shapewear

One major hindrance to enjoying the fabulousness that the Waist trainer or Shapewear offers are the skin irritations that can develop from the abuse, overuse or wrong use of shapewear.

Today, we would like to share some information regarding a ‘hot’ topic. “How to Avoid Skin Irritation from Shape wears.” Many fabulous ladies or fashionistas have questions on how to deal with these embarrassing issues.