How to Avoid Skin Irritations Caused by Shapewear

How to Avoid Skin Irritations Caused by Shapewear
updated: June 28th, 2020

One major hindrance to enjoying the fabulousness that the Waist trainer or Shapewear offers are the skin irritations that can develop from the abuse, overuse or wrong use of shapewear.

Today, we would like to share some information regarding a ‘hot’ topic. “How to Avoid Skin Irritation from Shape wears.” Many fabulous ladies or fashionistas have questions on how to deal with these embarrassing issues.

Enitan from our inbox says, “This problem won’t let me be fabulous in my waist trainers during sporting activities, I always have the Itch”.

Priscillia says,” I am forced to only wear my waist trainer on Sundays or important workdays alone, even though I am a very active Mom who just wants a killer figure.”

When it comes to waist trainers plus living in the tropics, this topic is the elephant in the room.

In this article we will be identifying the various skin irritation issues that may arise from waist trainers and proffer solutions on ways to avoid them, some of these solutions may need you to tweak them a little to suit your unique situation.



Please note that an intended side effect of wearing a waist trainer is increased perspiration especially during a high-intensity activity like exercises. (Remember to stay hydrated with water). Sweating is always a problem if your waist trainers or its liners are made from non-moisture absorbing synthetic fibres instead of breathable natural fabrics like cotton.

Sweating in a waist trainer is hot, wet, uncomfortable and suffocating. It can worsen an itch; chafing of your skin under the waist trainer. Especially if the waist trainer is two or three sizes too small. It can also cause your skin to become a breeding ground for microbes which multiply rapidly in dark, warm, moist, anaerobic conditions.

Also, the sweat from your skin can damage your waist trainers, causing the fabric to wash out or weaken faster. You also have to constantly wash the shapewear when it is soiled from sweat and skin sebum or oil, this constant wash also damages the fibres.


Itchy skin under a waist trainer is extremely uncomfortable. A lot of factors may lead to itching but sweating and hot weather can worsen it. If you have very dry skin, use a moisturizer after a shower and/or before putting on your waist trainer. As you get on in age, your skin needs more opportunity to breathe as the largest body organ. Small irritations may lead to itching under the waist trainer.


Some harmful microbes which are anaerobic love to breed in moist dark places. An example here is yeast. Especially the Candida sp. It loves the human body so much it is found in the most unlikely places in/on the body.

Not just your mouth or private regions but anywhere in the folds of your skin. If you are not careful and practical with your choice of waist trainer/shapewear brand and size, you may inadvertently open up your skin under the waist trainer for infections like Ringworm, Eczema, psoriasis etc.

Other Skin irritations to avoid when using Shape wears includes Chafing/Burning of the skin, Pressure points, Skin calluses and “toughening” of your skin and so on.


Skin irritations are common with people who have really sensitive skin. But there are a few things you can do to prevent it. While we can’t stop our skin from carrying out its primary functions, we can take a few measures to be both comfortable, look fabulous and have great skin too to booth!

Let’s look at some solutions:

    • Do you have a latex sensitivity? So many other options! There are many latex-free waist trainers that offer the same if not better, slimming power that you need.
    • If you are like Enitan, who wants unhindered airflow for your skin, consider a mesh waist trainer. The mesh will give your skin room to breathe. In short, you get the two in one advantage: Flattering Figure with comfortable high compression plus, a sensual, see-through design.
    • As much as possible, choose silk, cotton, wool, sport mesh or any other light breathable material for your waist trainers and liners instead of polyester, nylon, vinyl etc.
    • For those who like a bit of an edgier look to their waist trainers, real leather breathes better than PVC.
    • Always use a good moisturizing lotion. It does wonders for sensitive skin.
    • High-quality waist trainers have a specialized lining, made from materials like cotton plus spandex. This will absorb moisture and provide a soft layer on your skin so that it doesn’t get irritating.
    • Have you tried wearing a tank top, camisole or other lightweight cotton garments underneath the waist trainer? Give it a try? Thank me later! This can increase the airflow, helping your skin stay free of moisture.
    • Use waist or inner liners or shirts made from no less than 85% natural fibres like cotton or bamboo.

If you already own Waist trainers made from synthetic materials, fear not! Here are a few tricks to help you stay fabulous as you avoid skin irritations.

How to control sweating when you already have a waist trainer made from synthetic materials?

    • Powder your skin before you put on the waist trainer. It’s same as using baby powder to prevent diaper rash. Try cornstarch powder if you are worried about Talcum powder causing cancer.
    • For the hardcore fab ladies, this is trick you can use, if you work in a well air-conditioned office or airy place, you can take your waist trainer in your bag – wear at work, and take it off again when you leave for home. This way you will still be able to waist train successfully.
    • A liner containing 5-10% Spandex or Lycra will be stretchy enough and still be sufficiently breathable to avoid itching.
    • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, can’t stress this enough. As you moisturize wear clean breathable inner liners before your waist trainers.
    • Own more than one or two high-quality trainers so you don’t worry too much about accumulating microbes on one.

Pro Tip:

Have an itch you can’t ignore under your waist trainer? Always carry a ruler or bobby pin in your hand-bag. Use when necessary. For Guys, a pen will do. Any long, thin or flat object will do the trick. Thank me later!

Always choose the right sized waist trainer. Don’t know how to determine your size or shape? Next, see how to choose the perfect shapewear.

When choosing your shapewear always go one dress size down. You still get the results and stay comfortable. Have you experienced any of these skin irritations? How did you overcome them? Let’s read your story in the comment section.

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