Body Shapers for Men – How it Helps

Body Shapers for Men – How it Helps

When it comes to using body shapers to achieve perfect body features or toned appearance, women are known to be at the forefront. Some men are still under-thought but these days, the conventional idea of shapewear being for women alone is changing. 

Shapewear has become increasingly common for men of all ages all over the world. This garment helps to smoothen out unwanted bumps and gives one a perfect physique they desire.

We all know that wearing shapewear is for different reasons. For men, some of them wear shapewear for comfort or to get a ‘new version’ of themselves through body shaping while some feel that it helps them to hide odd bumps when they wear certain clothing to special occasions or to improve self-confidence.

I have encountered a guy who admitted to using shapewear. According to him, he started using them when he discovered he was a bit overweight. 

‘Wearing body shapers improved my confidence so much that even when I lost weight, I didn’t stop using it he mused’.  “I never regretted the decision,” said Mr Anonymous. 

It was very refreshing seeing a man gush over how his appearance improved with shapewear. To be honest, men are becoming more open-minded when it comes to a lot of things that society stereotyped for women. 

Traditionally, men were accustomed to boxer shorts and other underwear that they are comfortable and do not wish to experiment outside of that realm. This is changing today, thanks to the fashion industry.

There are a lot of body shapers for men to reduce body fat and improve physical appearance but before we delve into that, here are some frequently asked questions for men’s body shapers.


This is an undergarment that fits over the body usually the top half of the body that pulls in the body fat and makes it look toned and/or have the appearance of less weight. You can learn more about it from our previous article How body shaper really works


There are claims that body shapers help men to lose weight especially when you perspire while exercising. This is not a fact but it does work for most people. What this means is that you should go for the correct one that would fit properly on your body in other to achieve desired results.


Some of the most popular body shapers for men are…

The mirdle: This is similar to the female version ‘girdle’. A mirdle serves the same purpose for men. They are beneficial for men who feel that they are developing some extra fat around their waist or stomach area. There are different versions of the mirdle some of which can be worn like a full-body suit, around the torso, or as a t-shirt.

The male bra: This serves the same purpose as the usual women bra does. Some men tend to grow larger breasts than they hope for, especially men that are overweight. The male bra acts to keep these breasts in place and also helps to hide the nipples from showing during sporting activities.

The mantyhose: These are tights for men designed using the exact fabric for women pantyhose. Mantyhose help to keep men’s legs looking slim and also help those with circulatory issues.


Men have less experience when it comes to buying shapewear than women do. This makes it a lot difficult to know which one to buy. 

Here are quick tips to help out when purchasing shapewear.

  • Determine the purpose of the shapewear. What areas are you looking to target?
  • Determine the type of support you are looking for. Men with large mid-section should look to buy mirdle while those looking to smooth out the legs may go for mantyhose.
  • Ensure you purchase the right size in order for the shapewear to properly do its job.
  • Make sure you purchase comfort. Comfort is the key when it comes to compression garments.
  • Shapewear is no longer a taboo for men as the fashion-conscious men no longer hesitate to rock any fashion item that would improve their physique. 

It’s appropriate to say that more men are now embracing this change in fashion by purchasing underwear and t-shirts specifically designed for reducing body fat.  Shapewear for men is not only worn to look better but can also provide extra support to the body which improves posture in some cases. 

Are you a man uncertain about whether you should spend money on shapewear and stumble on this article? I hope we are able to convince you that it is absolutely okay to wear shapewear for improved appearance? What are your opinions so far? Let’s read you in the comment section!

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