Bridal Shapewear – Choosing Yours Just Got Easier

Bridal Shapewear – Choosing Yours Just Got Easier
Not only does bridal shapewear change your outward appearance, but it can change your mood too and on your big day, why not!  The main job of shapewear is to work on “problem areas” and target specific areas of the body for an overall smoother shape.  The best shapewear is considered effective at making you look slimmer by also enhancing natural curves and reducing attention on problem areas. Good shapewear can: give an overall slimmer silhouette, smooth outlines, enhance natural curves and act as a form of support. Bridal shapewear comes in a multitude of styles that will match any gown it’s paired with and help keep everything in place no matter your size. It doesn’t matter if your dress has a plunging neckline, a low back, or a figure-hugging style, there will likely be a style of shapewear that fits your body. The first thing to note is that the right bridal shapewear is dependent on your body type, fabric and wedding dress style.  So what exactly do you wear under your wedding dress and how do you know what to choose? From corsets for wedding dresses to bridal shapewear, here’s a detailed breakdown of what to wear for your wedding undergarments
When to get into a corset: 
The thickness of your wedding dress fabric and its general shape is vital before selecting a corset for your wedding. If the material of the bodice is too thin, has sheer sections, or if the dress is a low back or has a plunging neckline, a corset will be a wrong choice because its boning will be visible.  If you have a thicker gown that has a fuller skirt, a corset is perfect especially if you’d like some extra cinching in the waist.
When is the right time to buy bridal shapewear?
We do not advise buying your shapewear for your wedding gown right after choosing your dress. The best time to buy one is after your first or second dres’ fitting. By this time, you have had time to see what types of shapewear might look best under your dress, taking into consideration your style, fabric, and figure.
So… which bridal shapewear should you choose for your special day?
Your dress is hugging and form-fitting – Is your dress form-fitting and figure-hugging? Your best choice for shapewear is a high waist compression garment that will gently tuck your tummy in and smooth your curves, giving you a perfect silhouette. If your dress hugs your upper body – For this wedding dress style, look out for shapewear that is lightweight and flexible. It should move with your body and not constrict it. If your dress is snug around the hips and thighs – The best shapewear for this style is one that’ll smooth everything out and stop you from worrying about cellulite showing, hereby creating the illusion of a smoother silhouette.  What you want is to find shapewear that will target the lower body, giving you the peace of mind every bride deserves on her big day  If your dress is a bodycon dress in all ways – For a bodycon wedding dress, shapewear plays a key role in smoothing under your dress and ensures the dress glides over the entire body, contouring and accentuating every curve it comes in contact with.  If you find however that your dress isn’t hugging your body as you wish, then you may add an extra layer of shapewear under the dress.
Extra tips just because we care? Of course!
Choose a colour as close to your skin tone as possible  A lot of brides like to choose shapewear and undergarments that match the colour of their dress. This is not entirely the right choice. White, beige or ivory underwear is likely to show through a garment of the same colour.  Instead, we recommend opting for shapewear with colours as close to your skin-tone as possible. At Damidols, we stock a variety of sculpting and smoothing pieces in a range of nude colours. 
Important: Your dress matters a great deal 
If for any reason, you don’t already have your wedding dress when you go shopping for shapewear, bring pictures of your dress to the appointment to give the professionals a better idea of the best type of bridal shapewear or underwear to suggest for your wedding dress.  Also, when trying on your wedding dress, make sure your support is locked into place (move from spot to spot, jump, dance, and move your arms to test that it will be comfortable to wear all day long for your big day.
Wear your shoes for fittings
A bit of great advice is to wear your shoes and wedding undergarments to the final fitting so that everything fits properly and the length hits exactly where you want it. If you can’t bring your bridal shapewear with you for final fittings, ensure you at least bring something similar in compression. It’s your big day and there’s absolutely no reason to worry about anything – folds and cellulite- inclusive. Follow these tips above and you’d choose the best bridal shapewear ever. Don’t we love to see it!

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