Picking a Waist Trainer That Suits Your Body Type – A Step by Step Guide

Picking a Waist Trainer That Suits Your Body Type – A Step by Step Guide

There is no sugar coating it – your waist trainer won’t give your desired results if it is not the best for your body type. When considering the best waist trainer, it’s necessary to first consider which body type category you fall into. Body shapes usually fall within pear-shape, rectangular shape, inverted triangle—or somewhere in the middle. 

This means focusing on specific aspects of your body you’d like to address, rather than treating it like it doesn’t matter. To make it easier, I’ll share how to first measure your body for you to understand which body shape you are and then how to use those measurements to pick out the best waist trainer for you!

The first step to figuring your body type is to pay attention to measurements…

Cool down, I promise you, it’s not hard to figure out. Pick up a tape and begin to measure yourself. Once you get the measurements, you can begin working on a plan to shape your body to your ideal figure.

What you need:

  • Measuring tape
  • A helper
  • Writing material 

How to measure 

  • Shoulders: Let someone help you measure from the tip of one shoulder all the way around you. 
  • Bust: Pull the measuring tape across the fullest part of your chest all through to round your back. Don’t pull the tape so tight that your breasts don’t get pressed down!
  • Waist: Measure the smallest part of your waist and this is just above your belly button. Don’t draw the tape so tight that your belly starts to be divided into halves!
  • Hips: Begin at one hip – let this be below your hip bone – and wrap the tape around the largest part of your butt. 

Next step? Focus on your waist 

The next step to picking the perfect waist trainer centres on the waist, or more specifically, how defined the indentation at your waist appears. Regardless of your body type, you want a waist trainer that nips in at your waist to accentuate curves, but you need to consider your body measurements and how they work with your body. 

Women with straighter body types will probably want a more defined curve to achieve the desired hourglass figure, while girls who are quite curvy might not need as much definition. As always, it doesn’t hurt for you to try waist trainers on to make sure they fit and are flatter.

Now you’ve taken your measurements and calculated your overall body shape type. If you are wondering how your shape fits in among other body shape types and how to know which kind of shoe wear or waist trainer to purchase, Relax, I’ll tell you. 

Rectangular Body Shape

If your shoulders and hips are equal widths and you don’t have curves along your torso, full-body shapewear that lift your chest sucks your midsection and accentuate your hips and butt area are the best bet for you.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

You have an inverted triangle body shape if your hips are narrower than your shoulders – it is advisable to wear clothing that slims your hip area, and enhance your curves. Waist cinchers are great for this body type. 

Pear Body Shape (a.k.a. Triangle)

You’ll know you are pear-shaped if your shoulders are narrower than the widest part of your hips. A full-fledged waist trainer is perfect for you. 

Hourglass body shape

You have an hourglass figure if you can relate with any of these:  

  • Your waist is at much smaller than your shoulder or bust
  • Your waist is at much smaller than your hips
  • Your shoulder and hip measurements are within 5% of each other.

Let’s talk about your hips? 

To conclude, you must consider how your corset hugs your hips. Shorter corsets will stop just above the hips, and this might be most suitable for women with natural hourglass shapes. Body corsets that extend down to the hip region are more comfortable for women looking to enhance/add to their curves, especially with the addition of an exaggerated hip board. 

By now you know that Waist trainers are an effective way to help sculpt your body into your ideal figure. However, this won’t happen if you fail to first consider which body type category you fall into. I have explicitly differentiated between the pear-shape, rectangular shape, inverted triangle—or hourglass shape and I hope you use those measurements to pick out the best waist trainer for you! 


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