How to Use a Waist Trainer – Expert’s Opinion.

How to Use a Waist Trainer – Expert’s Opinion.

Do you remember the saying about abuse being inevitable if the purpose of a thing is not known? Well – the same applies to how to use a waist trainer. Be that as it may, no one said you could not get creative using a waist trainer. It all depends on what your goals are, whether in the short or long run. 

There is so much buzz about how to use a waist trainer. Here at Damidols, our expert opinion that your goal for wearing it should help you determine how you use a waist trainer. 

There are many uses of a waist trainer; it all depends on your goal. Choose one that is best designed to suit your purposes. 

Also, there are so many waist trainer types to help you get creative on using it. That said, you must first be clear on what your goal for wearing it is before you go ahead and order it. 

This article lets us look at the creative and fun ways to use the waist trainer to achieve some chic and excellent results both temporarily and in the long term. 

Before we delve into the details, here are a few essential pieces of knowledge on a waist trainer. Understanding these basics will help you get creative on how to use your waist trainers effectively. 

What is a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is a piece of garment or a tight-laced corset that reduces your natural waist size, accentuates curves, and gives excellent posture. 

Known as waist shapers, these garments, when worn correctly, give the wearer an exaggerated hourglass figure, a tiny waist, and curves over the hips. Waist shapers have been around since the Victorian times and were at the time known as a corset. Its use has evolved over the years.

How does a waist trainer work? 

It compresses the torso, cinches the waist, and corrects the posture. This garment increases thermal activity, stimulates perspiration, and speeds up the active burning of fat cells during high-intensity workouts

When used regularly and correctly, the Waist Trainer will give a reduced waist size look, control your figure, improve your posture, and in the long run, with the suitable lifestyle adjustments, lead to weight loss.

Determining your correct size. 

The number one way of ensuring that you are using your waist trainer correctly is to buy the correct size. Sizing a corset is complicated. You need to consider a combination of corset size, corset style, squishiness or skin movement preference, and natural body shape for the best fit. 

A general rule of thumb for corset sizing guideline is as follows: If your natural waist (where you bend side to side) is under 38” select a corset 4-7 inches smaller than your natural waist. If your natural waist is over 38” select a corset 7-10 inches smaller than your natural waist. 

Knowing your body type is critical when choosing a waist trainer. Also, it should not be too tight or under-sized to avoid discomfort or pain. It also should not be too loose, too short, or too long to be a waste of time and resources. You deserve comfort, so start right by getting a properly fitted one. 

Now that we have the fundamentals of a waist trainer covered before you get yours, be clear about your goals. Understanding this will better inform you on how to use your waist trainer.

How to use your waist trainer? 

That said, the key to how to use a waist trainer is to identify the corset best suited for your goals. Plus, maximize its features to achieve your goals. Let’s look at a few goals and scenarios on waist trainer feature use while offering our pro-tips on using it. 

Do you intend to commit to an everyday waist training routine? 

If your goal is for everyday use, get a garment designed for best results as everyday wear. You will probably want at least two or more garments to keep them clean and rotate them. 

Do you plan on working out in it? 

Get an exercise waist trainer or at least one designed for high-intensity workouts or activities. Remember to include core strengthening workouts in your routine. This is to allow you to continue to build your core and strengthen your body for great posture. (We highly recommend that you do use an exercise waist trainer when working out!) 

Are you using waist training as part of an overall long-term weight loss plan? 

Here is a little pro tip from us, if you anticipate sizing down significantly or a minor weight loss, wearing a waist trainer allows you to eat small portions i.e., you get full faster when wearing it which is good for a long term weight loss plan. 

Get a corset with three rows of hook-and-eye closures instead of two, with comfortable edges and bone material, giving you more room for slimming down. For effective weight loss, combine it with a few positive lifestyle changes to boost your weight loss results.

Do you intend to lose belly fat with it? 

Use the correct size of a waist trainer. Using the right size can help you achieve your goal. Go for high brands. There are varying types of waist trainers, but some are superior to others. High-quality waist trainers tend to last longer and can aid a quicker result. Continue your workouts and use the recommended waist trainer to train your midsection. 

Stay properly hydrated during your workouts. Plus, as you do your exercises with it, it is imperative to avoid certain foods. These foods can make you gain belly fat and ruin your chances of achieving that great midsection you desire. These are foods to avoid while waist training—carbonated drinks and carbs, foods high in sodium and snacks & alcoholic beverages.

How much compression do you want? 

Simply put, how tight do you want it? For best results, we recommend maximum compression waist trainers. However, many people are thrilled with lighter compression, which can feel more comfortable for long hours of wear. 

What is your body type? 

Do you have the apple, pear shape? It’s easy to desire the Kim K kind of look while having a beautiful ‘Apple’ shape. Understanding your body shape vis-à-vis the best waist trainer type for your body type will help you know the best type to go for and how to use the waist trainer to achieve your goals. See our blog topic on understanding your body type for more insight. 

Your choice of material? 

Remember, the goal is the compression of your waistline. So to provide maximum reduction and waist-slimming effectiveness, most waist trainers are constructed from latex, although we also have a latex-free line. 

Finally, here is a list of pro-tips to note: 
    • With waist training, there is no rush. Be patient and allow your body to adjust and get used to your waist trainer. 
    • Results may be faster than you think, so it is always a good idea to keep a diary to measure progress accurately. 
    • Maximize your waist training journey by incorporating a positive change in your current lifestyle for astonishing results. 
    • Maximize the feeling of compression to eat smaller portion sizes during meals. 
    • With more time and usage, you will feel more comfortable in it- almost like a second skin. 

Now, you have all the basic knowledge on using it and beginning your journey to a fabulous new you. Follow all the guidelines listed above and achieve a beautiful, confident you faster with a waist trainer in the long run.

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