Liposonix – Shape Up or Reduce That Stubborn Fat

Liposonix – Shape Up or Reduce That Stubborn Fat

Are you tired of dealing with stubborn fat? You’re not alone! Stubborn fat is the bane of existence for every fashionista or fashion plus trend-conscious individual in today’s world. Even fit and trim people constantly hit the gym sometimes, trying to remove one or two more inches from some regions of their body. But what if that fat refuses to respond? The body does not always do or respond precisely the way we want it to half the time anyway, especially when dealing with reducing problem fat. If your dieting and exercise regimens haven’t yielded the results you were hoping for, non-surgical fat reduction is probably the next step.

Although there are several ways to get rid of unwanted fat around the stomach and hip areas, the processes can be divided into two groups, Surgical and Non-surgical. The Surgical procedure includes liposuction, while the non-surgical process includes Coolsculpting, Velashape, Emsculpt, etc. Liposuction was the only option to remove fat from a specific location until recently. Now, there is the Liposonix alternative. If you landed here, you want to learn about the new kid on the block.  Here’s what you should know if you’re considering having this treatment.


Liposonix is a non-invasive, body-contouring, fat-reduction procedure that uses high-intensity focused ultrasonic energy (HIFU). The ultrasonic energy is focused at 1-2 cm below the skin’s surface, avoiding burns and stress to the skin while making the therapy more pleasant. It targets fat in the stomach, sides, waist, and hip areas, and these sites are the most common areas where stubborn fat lodges in the body. Liposonix is the go-to alternative for people who don’t want to visit their doctor several times a year. Furthermore, rather than requiring general anesthesia, the HIFU technique is designed to eliminate undesirable fat cells (adipose fat tissues) without the need for any drugs to be injected into the body. It is the most effective non-surgical fat loss therapy available. Doctors can use non-invasive ultrasonic energy (HIFU) to kill undesirable fat cells without needing needles or surgery. 

Although it is not a weight-loss treatment, it can dislodge and disrupt stubborn fat cells in stubborn areas of the body. Light, powerful bursts of energy penetrate deep into the tissue, eliminating undesirable fat while allowing good tissue to regenerate around it! Liposonix procedures are significantly less intrusive than standard liposuction, leaving little scars and causing little pain. The FDA has approved a restricted usage of this therapy as an alternative to liposuction and other comparable treatments for decreasing localized fat in the body. The therapy eliminates up to 100% fat in 4-6 weeks. This method is fast, has fewer side effects than traditional liposuction treatments, and requires no downtime.

Liposonix can be used to eliminate fat in these areas:

    • Abdomen / Beer belly or stress pack 
    • Waist / Muffin top
    • Sides / Love handles
    • Hips.

Everyone carries an extra blurb of fat in parts of the body where they would have preferred to have none. Some fat cells tend to stick around, no matter how active your lifestyle is or how healthy your diet is. They are otherwise known as stubborn fat. Liposuction is the traditional method of removing unwanted or stubborn fat from the body. It requires invasive surgery, anesthesia, and lengthy downtime, and the results can be dramatic. Liposuction is performed on a patient by inserting a small tube into the incision and initiating a continuous forward and backward movement. Fat clusters in the targeted areas are then dislodged. The dislodged fat is then vacuumed and removed from the body. 

However, Liposonix offers a non-invasive option for fat removal. Requires the use of high-intensity focused ultrasonic energy. Patients that undergo this procedure require no downtime or anesthesia, and both treatments address fat in the same areas of the body. The body’s fat elimination process for liposonix and liposuction is slightly different. For Liposonix, the ultrasonic energy kills fat cells by destroying them, and it is then converted into triglycerides, which are then consumed by macrophages.

Macrophages transport the disrupted fat cells via the body’s lymphatic system until they reach the liver. In the liver, the fat undergoes the same process as fat digested from food. Rather than being transferred to other body parts, some fat is processed by the liver and removed as waste. Hence, there is no need to worry about raised cholesterol levels in the blood. Liposonix therapy does not result in sagging skin like surgical liposuction treatments. The treatment is not advisable if you have severe skin laxity, but it can be paired with skin tightening procedures like Thermage for patients with mild skin laxity to produce better results.


Liposonix and CoolSculpting are both non-invasive fat removal procedures. These two gadgets use different technologies to remove fat. CoolSculpting is based on two fundamental facts: fat freezes and fat is harmed at temperatures higher than your skin. This enables the elimination of fat without surgery, cutting, or scars. The Liposonix gadget, on the other hand, employs high-frequency ultrasound (HIFU) to heat and destroy the tissue. Simply put, liposonix utilizes ultrasonic energy, and CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis or fat freezing. 

The other distinction is that CoolSculpting is a selective procedure. That is, the gadget can destroy fat cells while causing no harm to the cells around them. The average body temperature is 98.6o F. Fat cells freeze at 53o F, while skin and muscle cells freeze around 32o F. The tissue temperature is reduced to just below 53o F using a cooling plate, which destroys the fat while leaving the remaining tissue undamaged.

The Liposonix gadget, on the other hand, employs a high-frequency ultrasound that is not selective; it will burn and kill any adipose tissue where the beam is targeted. Both procedures provide results many weeks or months later when your body has had time to discharge the targeted fat cells. However, the dangers and side effects of CoolSculpting can be more severe and difficult to treat, so you may want to seek another body shaping alternative if you are pre-disposed to the risks of cool sculpting.


While research on a total of 85 men and women with a mean age of 43.8 years who underwent a single HIFU treatment session showed remarkable results proving liposonix as a safe and effective body-contouring therapy, lipoSonix is NOT a weight-loss treatment. The therapy permanently disrupts the fat cells. The fat inside the cells, however, is not eliminated, the fat is returned to your liver and handled similarly to how food is processed. The fat released by LipoSonix treatments is returned to the body’s fat cells after being digested by the liver. As a result of the fat cells from which the fat originated being no longer available due to the therapy, the fat cannot return to the treated region. The fat cell contents are released into the bloodstream. These lipids are absorbed by the body, broken down by the liver, and utilized as energy or burnt as fuel for biological operations. Invariably, it will spread throughout the body with little or no, noticeable changes in other locations. It is critical to note that LipoSonix permanently alters fat cells while not destroying or eliminating them.


    • The Liposonix handpiece is positioned by the Medical practitioner or surgeon in the desired location.
    • Controlled ultrasound energy is released and permeates the skin’s outer layers, providing heat solely to the targeted fat tissue.
    • The skin is precisely penetrated, and the heating effects are regulated so that the problem fat is burned, but healthy tissue remains intact.
    • The patient can resume normal activities shortly following the therapy.
    • Natural biological processes remove treated fat tissue, which is then eliminated from the location when the body recovers.
    • Results will be seen 8-12 weeks after a single one-hour treatment session.
    • The average waistband decrease after a one-hour treatment is around 1 inch (2.5 cm), corresponding to one dress or pant size.

The medical practitioner or surgeon can advise if you are a good candidate for the therapy or not. But generally, the treatment is recommended for some patients with consistent healthy lifestyles who have been unable to lose that final inch of stubborn fat despite diet and exercise. Candidates can be both males or females who are non-smokers and have no implanted devices. You should be able to squeeze at least an inch of fat from your problem location. You may not require the treatment if you only have less than an inch thick layer of fat. It would help if you were around your desired body weight or BMI. Individuals with a BMI of less than 30 may be eligible. If your BMI is more than 30, liposuction is likely more effective than Liposonix.


Most people notice the best outcomes in 8 to 12 weeks, which is generally the amount of time it takes the body to digest the damaged fat tissue naturally. The targeted cells are killed permanently, but surrounding fat cells can continue to grow—the best approach to retain results is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also not a bad idea to use shapewear during this period, and it will help you keep your focus on your desired results.

Key takeaway

Several choices are available for those trying to lose stubborn fat, depending on whether you choose surgery or non-surgical techniques. Liposonix may be an option worth exploring if you have a problem region where you’d want to lose a few inches of fat. Liposuction and Liposonix, two entirely different treatments, are the most prevalent. Liposonix is a non-invasive procedure that will lower your waistline by 1-2 inches, whereas liposuction uses a knife/scalpel. Liposonix is non-invasive, whereas liposuction is. As can be seen, there are significant variances between the two. When choosing a fat-reduction surgery, it comes from personal choice and the surgeon’s advice. This all-natural reshaping of your body may be maintained with healthy lifestyle choices & exercise and enhanced with our wide range of fabulous shapewear.

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