Let’s talk teas. 5 kinds of teas to incorporate into your daily routine to aid a healthier lifestyle

Let’s talk teas. 5 kinds of teas to incorporate into your daily routine to aid a healthier lifestyle

I love tea. Nah, let me rephrase that: I am a tea fanatic. I absolutely love it. Hol’up!! I speak not of chocolate beverages but tea, actual tea. I typically drink two cups every day – one to start my day and the other to soothe me before bed. 

The funny thing is I didn’t always love tea but when I decided to go on a detox plan late last year, I found myself trying different teas and finally falling in love with it.

As expected, different types of teas have different benefits. Studies have proven that teas have some weight-loss benefits because they have one of the best sources of natural antioxidants. This is not to say that tea is a miracle worker or a magic potion. 

It is just another healthy lifestyle facet that will help you live a healthier and better life. Merged with a healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and far less processed foods, you’d be surprised at how effective it can be. 

Like your wine or soda, there are numerous flavours of tea, ranging from strong to mild. It is highly possible that while you’ll hate the taste of one, you’ll be completely enamoured by the taste of another. For example, while oolong tea is very popular and many raves over its wonderful benefits, I find the flavour to be far too strong for me but Camomile tea that some don’t like, I love!

The time you’ve been waiting for is here. I’ll tell you about some of the healthiest types of teas.

Damidols Green-Tea 

Green Tea

Let’s give green tea the credit it deserves, abeg. Perhaps the most popular of all teas, green tea is made from tea leaves that are not oxidized after harvest. Instead, they are steamed, then quickly dried and stored. 

While all tea is healthy, green tea is probably the healthiest. Green tea gets its excellent reputation because it is high in antioxidant-like compounds, which are believed to have a beneficial effect on brain function.

Also, among all the different teas, it has the highest concentration of antioxidants that will prevent the onset of cancer in the Bladder, Breast, Lungs, Stomach, Rectal and Pancreas.

Damidols White-Tea

White tea

If you are overweight, white tea should be your go-to tea for weight loss. This tea can also reduce your risk of getting diabetes.

White tea comes from the same plant you get green, oolong or black tea from. These leaves are harvested before they even open up and are covered by delicate white hairs.

Also, this tea contains compounds called catechins that strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis

Damidols Oolong-tea

Oolong tea

This tea is best for those with high blood pressure. Several studies have shown that oolong tea could also enhance weight loss by improving fat burning and speeding up metabolism. Oolong tea is the middle stage in the process of turning green tea into black tea. 

It is mainly famous for being able to lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL). It can also increase the production of good cholesterol (HDL) that keeps the heart-healthy.

Damidols Chamomile-tea-1

Chamomile tea

Made from dried chamomile flowers, this tea has many benefits. It cures insomnia, fights stress and prevents common cough and cold.

Studies also suggest that chamomile may be effective for promoting better digestion by reducing the risk of certain gastrointestinal conditions.

Damidols Ginger-tea-1

Ginger tea

One of the best ways to start your morning is by drinking ginger tea of course! This tea is full of antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and keep your heart healthy. Its other benefits are- reduces pain naturally, Soothes nausea, relieves constipation and of course, reduces bloating.

Now that you have a wide range to choose from (well, thanks to us.), replace your regular cup of beverage with these varieties to experience mind-blowing health benefits and to keep that waist looking snatched.

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    Anne Uwakwe
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    I love this. I have been a tea lover for donkey years, but just learnt about the white tea here. Thanks @damidol.
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