My Waist Trainer’s Journey – All the Details Your Faves won’t Tell You

My Waist Trainer’s Journey – All the Details Your Faves won’t Tell You

Losing weight was not a priority for me, but was I interested in effortlessly flattening my stomach? You bet, of course, yes! How is that even a question? It was during the recent lockdown in Lagos that I decided to get waist trainers. 

You see, the stacks of yoghurt and chocolate in my fridge weren’t letting my waistline be great and so I decided to help myself. If waist trainers work for the rich and famous, surely they could work for a normal me. 

As expected once this thought crossed my mind, I began seeing different photos online of people wearing various kinds of trainers to exercise. Trust Instagram to do their thing!  After giving it more thought and expending my data checking numerous sites and Instagram pages, I decided to get one. 

The first issue was with sizing; I falter between a size 12/14 and my waistline frequently fluctuates and so it was difficult to pick a particular size. 

Well, asking questions helped because I was eventually able to pick a waist trainer that fit perfectly and didn’t dig into my sides or wound me. If you need help on how to select the right waist trainer for your body type, I’ve got you.

I, however, decided to document my experience and not just wear because others were doing so. This is because I’m not usually a masochist by nature and I always have a hard time following through on anything that is remotely considered a regime, but with the accountability of a diary for everyone to read, I sorta felt the need to be completely honest with myself and the process.

How often do I wear Waist Trainers?

I wear my waist trainer during the day because work helps me forget that I’m wearing it, so that’s about 7-10 hours per day, in addition to any time I workout. It is advised that you wear it for 6-8 hours per day for results. 

I started wearing my trainer just before breakfast so it would help limit my food intake from lunch to dinner. I noticed that keeping it on during mealtimes made me more aware of how much food I was shovelling into my mouth because the more I ate, the tighter it felt. 

While I sometimes didn’t snack during the day, I felt full. Let me not lie, I took it off a few times while eating because I didn’t want anything restricting my stomach! Also, I don’t wear it to sleep, and on weekends, I usually reduce how long I wear it. 

How did waist training go for me?

The first step for me was making sure I had the right size, so it’s tight but doesn’t cause any discomfort, I adjust it on the widest set of hooks. Gradually and by time, as my waist got smaller, I began to tighten the hooks and when the waist trainer was eventually too wide for me, I had to size down. 

I recommend getting waist trainers that have three sets of hooks since it will last you a long time and it’s a better value for money! I also began to choose clothing that made me look and feel good because wearing a trainer that best for my body type, in turn, helped clothes sit better on my frame.

Did I enjoy exercising with my Waist trainers?

I’ve always loved the gym and exercising and this was another reason I was eager to get a waist trainer. I couldn’t believe how sweet it was to jog or skip while wearing one. My stomach was held in place and it felt like I was standing straighter and exercising better. 

Initially, I was easily out of breath because I was fastening the hooks too tight but this stopped once I decided to go hook to hook. 

The biggest flex for me

The biggest change I noticed was in my posture. I was able to sit up straighter, walk taller and naturally suck in my stomach more, which probably made me also appear thinner. Waist trainers are good for teaching you how to “suck it in” so to speak and great for wearing underneath t-shirts when you don’t want your fupa hanging out in front.

The truth is my waist trainer forced me to keep my torso upright, therefore, my abdominal muscles had to work a little harder each day as opposed to the ease of slouching. Over time, these muscles get stronger, providing more support for my spine, internal organs and resulting in better posture whether I wore my trainer or not.

Getting a trainer has been one of the best money spent for me. I see all the work it is doing and I’m not impatient. It is also exciting that I can now fit all the hooks easily which means that I need to downsize. Yipeeeee!!!! On a side note, my friends are jealous but I’ve told them to chill, after all, I’m now an authority on waist trainers and I’ll help guide them when they start their journey. I really want to read your own experiences, so feel free to drop them in the comment section. 

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