Plus Size Waist Trainer – All You Need to Know

Plus Size Waist Trainer – All You Need to Know

It’s common knowledge that a bulging size 16 waistline can be very intrusive on your fashion plans. Want to get into that beautiful size ten shirt or knee-length LBD for that special or momentous occasion? Enter plus-size waist trainer to the rescue!

What is a girl to do when she is rich in the mid-section and needs to slim down? Not to mention your desire to look slim and trim in the mid-section. It’s crazy!! Right?

Let’s cut to the chase; you’re tired of your belly! So, again, welcome to the club! The plus-sized ladies are also not left out in the quest of using waist trainers to enhance their shape and boost self-confidence.

Plus-size waist trainers for waist slimming and training are trendy for both plus-size men and women when controlling the belly fat and creating that hourglass waistline.

A waist trainer is a great garment arsenal for every size woman. It functions fabulously even more for plus-size women as they can instantly trim to the extent desired. However, it must be done safely.

Additionally, this does not matter whether you are on a weight loss journey or want an instant hourglass figure look and can’t go through the process of working out or following a diet plan.

Though it is advised, you supplement your waist trainer use with a consistent weight loss regime for your health over time.

Plus-size waist trainers are a more aggressive approach to get the instant slim waistline look and comes in various types that do not target only belly fat. They are sturdy and usually have boning in them to help sculpt the waist.

They are also typically made of latex or some other similar material. It also comes in a lot more flexible types made of spandex material so that you can work out in them.

What is the best waist trainer for plus size? 

No matter what your natural body shape and size is, you can get the hourglass figure you want using a quality waist trainer; a waist trainer is the best way to sculpt those fats around your waist instantly.

There are several high-quality waist trainers in the market today, but only a few out of these waist trainers will assure a top-notch result.

At Damidols, we believe that our full-figured plus-size ladies deserve waist trainers designed to accentuate and celebrate their curves. Our plus-size waist trainer can be worn inside or atop your outfit. Some are also designed for workouts to help you lose belly fat

Suppose you are looking for an effective way to get those plus curves in control instantly around the waist. In that case, a waist trainer is recommended, and this article contains all you need to know about selecting the best plus-size waist trainers.

How to Find the Best Plus-Size Waist Trainer for Weight Loss

There are different types of plus-size waist trainers available in the market. As stated above, plus-size waist trainers are designed to help you re-mold and shape your bulging mid-section and engage a weight to lose regime without pain.

In addition, you may need extra tips on finding the best for your preference. They include:

Boning Types

Boning is a crucial feature to look for, especially for plus-size waist trainers for weight loss. Boning for waist trainers could be produced using a combination of plastic and steel.

Please note that plastic boning is usually used for low-priced waist trainers, while steel boning is for expensive and high-quality waist trainers. 

It is ideal, and we advise plus-size women to choose the steel type; however, the plastic and steel type comes with their merits and demerits.

Size and Fit

Never overlook the size and fitting! You cannot go wrong by being a little cautious about the size. As much as possible, do a sizing at the store before purchase. Purchasing a waist trainer with an inapt size and fit would make you uncomfortable or be of no effect if the size is too large. 

This means you won’t be able to wear it for long or ever. So, make sure you opt for the perfect waist trainer size. Getting the size right may require a few trials. It is best to talk to the customer service executive before deciding which size to buy.

A trainer too small may not allow you to move freely. Size too large will not have the hourglass effect.

Function or Purpose

Waist cinchers can compress the waist or lift the bust-line, butt, and compress the thighs. Also, decide if it’s everyday wear or a workout trainer. Simply put, understanding your goal for the plus-size waist trainer will better inform your decision. Then, choose the one that serves the purpose.


The strong hook-and-eye closure is arguably the best. However, all closure types come with pros and cons. Zipper closure, velcro straps, and hook-and-eye closure all have challenges of their own. 

Again these closures are not foolproof. A sure way to balance this inconvenience is to buy one with a hook-and-eye with either zipper or velcro straps.


Comfort comes first, always! If the bones cause pain or itching, do not give it a second thought. Instead, buy the waist trainer with flexible but quality steel bones so that the trainer does not slack. Avoid tightening the trainer too much so it is breathable and does not injure your skin.


If you are allergic to latex, avoid corsets made with latex. Neoprene, cotton, and nylon are best.

Customer Reviews

One great way to ascertain the quality of any product before you put down money is to check the customer reviews of other people who have used it. So, for example, before you get a plus-size waist trainer for the lower belly, you might want to check out the reviews of other plus-size women who have used similar products or brands. 

Eat the proper diet and exercise regularly to supplement your waist trainer use to lose belly fat; a great plus-size waist trainer could be an excellent investment to start with to get you constantly motivated to hit your desired goal.

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