Just Had a Baby? Here’s Everything to Know About Postpartum Waist Training

Just Had a Baby? Here’s Everything to Know About Postpartum Waist Training

Unfortunately, a lot of women are unhappy with their bodies after childbirth and a lot of times this is as a result of drastic weight gain, stretch marks and other hormonal/ physical changes that come with pregnancy. All women, even Beyoncé or Ciara, have a bit of a belly for the first four to eight weeks after birthing a baby, as the uterus shrinks back to its normal size. 

For some women, the postpartum changes can last months or even years. It is important to note however that genetics, health history, fitness level, personal pregnancy and birth experiences all factor into how quickly a woman’s body goes back to looking like it used to pre-pregnancy. 

It’s not surprising, therefore, that a large number of new moms are resorting to shedding their post-pregnancy bellies with a belly wrap/ waist trainer. Obviously, we are in favour of that and we will tell you all you need to know about postpartum belly training and what it entails. 

Just before we do that, however, we would like to reiterate that true beauty begins from the inside first. We hope you love, appreciate and embrace your post-pregnancy body no matter how you look right now.  Also, remember that birthing a baby is a miraculous and amazing experience and no one should make you feel less beautiful because of a few bodily changes. 

Let’s talk postpartum shape wears 

Shapewear and waist trainers are a simple and effective way to enhance your confidence—not to mention an awesome addition to your health and fitness journey after having a baby. It is important that new Mums always engage their core to help their abdominal muscles get firmed up after all the stretching that was done during pregnancy. 

Now, this is where the help of a belt or trainer comes in, it helps you hold your core tight while you focus mainly on breathing and exercising. With some practice and long term use, you’ll learn how to keep a tight core every time.

New mums love waist trainers because they conceal the “baby pooch” as they gradually get back into shape. Waist trainers are also known to improve posture while you wear them and it also serves as great motivation to eat healthily and work out.

When using a belt after delivery, make sure it can also serve as a ‘postpartum belt’ and not just a waist trainer. A postpartum belt is usually held fast with Velcro (hook and loop tape), properly supporting the tender postpartum abdomen. Also, the material is gentler on the belly even for C-section mums unlike the regular waist trainers with hooks that cinches the waist and gives a curvy figure.  

All you need to know about Postpartum Waist Training

For postpartum waist training to be most effective, you should try to wear your belly wrap daily for at least eight hours. We recommend, however, that you start with 4 hours daily then as the weeks go by and you get more comfortable, you can extend how long you wear it. 

We also advise that you start with a gentle compression garment for the first weeks postpartum, subsequently, you can switch to a firmer compression garment for everyday use once the initial swelling after childbirth has decreased. Please note that it is advisable to check with your doctor first before trying postpartum belly binding or waist training. 

How can a postpartum wrap help?

The main purpose of a belly wrap is to support and align your abdomen until your abdominal organs and muscles can do their normal jobs again. They can also help with saggy and loose skin and provide light compression to shrink your uterus. In addition, if you have a cesarean section, belly wraps can take the pressure off your incision while it heals.

Belly Wraps have also been known to reduce postpartum pain, facilitate mobility, stabilize the pelvic floor, and even help heal diastasis recti – (a very common post-pregnancy condition where a woman’s ab muscles remain separated after childbirth).

Research published in Physiotherapy Canada states that postpartum wrapping may help women get back on their feet sooner and walk a longer distance. According to a study published in the International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetricspostpartum wrapping may also help women have less pain, distress and bleeding after a caesarean section. 

Now, we should not leave out aesthetics, should we! Wearing a belly wrap under your clothes will help you look instantly slimmer and many new mothers swear that it helps them get back their pre-pregnancy bounce and confidence. 

How should a postpartum wrap be worn? 

A postpartum wrap can be worn as early as 2weeks after childbirth however, it’s advisable, to begin with, a couple of hours and gradually ease into it. When you are comfortable with it, it’s then left to you to determine how much you want to wear it. 

For better results, you can wear your wrap for 30-60 days postpartum. Just make sure to not wrap yourself too tight since too much compression has been known to slow down postpartum healing. If you had a C Section birth, we recommend that you wait at least 3 weeks or until your doctor gives a go-ahead.

Who shouldn’t try postpartum waist training?

Women with infection from a C-section wound or women who have other pregnancy or delivery complications like preeclampsia or amnionitis should not try postpartum belly binding. This is why we strongly advise that you get approval from your gynaecologist before starting to use one.

Ready to take control of your body and look great again? Here are the best tips to help you on this journey:

  • Start with using a shaper, waist trainer or belly binding wear
  • Eat healthy, practice portion control, most especially.  
  • Exercise, even if it is taking daily walks. 
  • Sadly, a lot of us want to eat without restrictions and expect to have the snatched waist of our dreams. No Ma’am, O wrong nau! For better results, you must put in the work and then watch the waist training augment your effort.

Regardless of the belt, you decide to use, they should be worn firm, but shouldn’t make you overly uncomfortable. If you have any related questions, you can email us at info@Damidols.com. Feel free to also let us know in the comment section if you’ve had any experience with postpartum waist training.

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