Liposuction: How Shapewear Can Help You Heal Faster

Liposuction:  How Shapewear Can Help You Heal Faster

After liposuction, one primary concern for women is that their skin will become stretched; also, their figure will not sculpt the way they expect. Liposuction is an aesthetic surgical procedure during which a small cut eliminates the body fat under the skin in specific areas of the body by using a hollow stainless steel tube.

Simply put, liposuction involves the medical reconstruction of the abdominal wall to remove excess skin and surgically shape up the abdomen and waist area.

During this procedure, the fat deposit is removed; the standard procedure is to leave the incision open to allow excess fluid and blood to drain from the wound and manage edema. It is essential that the tissue is kept in place and the wounds well covered.

As a result, to aid in the process of recovery after liposuction in the wound area, your doctor will cover it with absorbent dressings specially designed to reduce adherence to the wound and manage exudate.

This is where compression shapewear comes in place. This shapewear is in the form of leggings, shorts, or bodysuits designed with specific fabric to provide an optimum level of pressure on the area needing pressure.

The medical pads will be kept in place thanks to the post-liposuction shapewear you choose as your compression garment.

In addition, every woman wants to get in shape as quickly as humanly possible, right after pregnancy or a drastic weight loss, liposuction is often seen as the ultimate option for many ladies.

By wearing liposuction shapewear, this problem will be solved. Thanks to the compression, tender tissues will stay in place, plus they can heal and strengthen with the proper lifestyle routine, and any bandages will remain clean and protected.


Notice that I keep mentioning liposuction shapewear? These are specially designed to help you snap up into shape with the right amount of solid compression. Call them ‘the shapewear on a mission’; the compression on these types of shapewear are intentionally designed to help you along your journey to ‘fabulous’ – post-surgery.

Pro Tip: Never plan your surgical procedure without first purchasing your post-liposuction shapewear. (You will thank me later). Consider it not only as part of the journey to recovery but as part of the procedure itself because it aids in completing the process of structuring your new shape.

Moreover, using liposuction shapewear chisels in your new silhouette and helps your body recover faster. With all the tender muscles, the healing process is more efficient while the skin fits the tissues and prevents unnecessary water retention.

      • Reduce intensive swelling.
      • Improve the swelling, bruising, and pain
      • Improve circulation to the healing tissues
      • Reduce the amount of seroma or water retention levels.
      • Provide abdominal support and improve posture.
      • Reduces bruising.
      • Improves saggy skin.
      • Promote the development of your desired shape.
      • Restrict movement of stitches, bandages, and pads.
      • Provides firm control for the optimum level of compression
      • These garments are made of fabrics with the latest compression technology.

Improve the swelling, bruising, and pain.

It is easy to think your body will heal itself, but it needs some direction. Properly made surgical compression shapewears are to give the right amount of squeeze across your body. However, what does squeezing do? 

It controls swelling, plus it closes off all the tiny vessels called the capillaries that were disturbed during the procedure. These two functions help to reduce pain during recovery, and who doesn’t want to reduce pain?

Improves saggy skin.

Right? During liposuction, when fat holding up the skin is removed, it sags. Compression shapewear not only holds the skin in place, it also leads the skin down the correct path, post surgery – in a manner of speaking.

Compression helps your skin to shrink and contract in its soft or bruised state during healing. This results in your new slim, taut contour with a fabulous-looking skin. With compression shapewear you’re simply making sure the skin knows where it is supposed to go.


Correct use of compression garments cannot be over-emphasized after most liposuction procedures. Compression shapewear also helps to prevent post-surgical complications after liposuction.

Furthermore, At Damidols, your health and safety are paramount. Consult with your doctor to get the best size for your post-surgical shapewear and ensure to stick to the new best health routines for your body. Understandably, no one likes to wear compression garments, but you must understand how important they are for your health and the ultimate results of your surgery.

Pro-Tip 2: Shapewear designed with front or side closures help to shield incisions from infections and an internal layer that feels soft to the skin. Most shapewear contains an open gusset, but they are invisible under clothing since they are made with highly flat seams.

Liposuction shapewear garment plays a vital role in post-op recovery. They ensure you get the best body contouring after the operation.


Above all, aside from checking with your doctor on what works best for you, here is a small guideline on achieving the best contour post- surgery.

After liposuction, you will need to wear compression shapewear for several weeks. The first few weeks, it is essential to wear them ‘throughout the day, removing them only to shower. The first few weeks are critical; remember “chisel tender muscles.”

Beyond three weeks, you can go without them in the evenings, wearing them only when needed for comfort and support. Again ask your doctor.

In conclusion, Liposuction shapewear with its’ compression levels is a perfect inclusive solution to recover the abdominal area, waist, back, hips, and legs post-surgery. Remember to seek your doctor’s counsel, stick to the prescribed health and safety routine, and you will be fabulous in no time. Cheers! To the new you.

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