A Guide to Identifying a Quality Shapewear

A Guide to Identifying a Quality Shapewear

Women’s fashion accessories abound in the marketplace. They allow you to confidently walk down the streets of your neighbourhoods and cities as you go about your day to day activities. To achieve this, you must feel comfortable and beautiful in your ensemble. This will require clothing or garments that beautify. To this end, you need something that provides both comfort and functionality. A good quality shapewear must accomplish this.

If you haven’t discovered the power of good quality shapewear yet, (where have you been?) be ready to have your world turned upside down. It’s as if someone took an iron to you and smoothed out every kink and bulge. It’s like a self-Photoshop for your three-dimensional, living body.

Shapewear is so effective that most celebrities wear it on the red carpet unabashedly. I’m trying not to oversell it, period! They help to enhance women’s features, making you feel good about yourself and possibly help you exude confidence. If you want to buy your first shapewear but are intimidated by the decision on how to identify good quality or what shapewear suits your body shape? Start with reading our guide to understanding your body shape first.

This will help you decide what kind of shapewear suits you. But, this is just the beginning of the journey to unravelling how to identify a good quality shapewear. With so many different styles, colours, designer brands and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to lose sight of which
shapewear items or brands deliver on their promises.

On hindsight here is one small trick to note; whether you want to slim down your waistline or make your skin seem smoother, be clear on your goal before walking into the shapewear store or ordering online.If you are inspired by a celebrity or can’t get enough of hearing about all the great benefits of wearing shapewear from your closest friends and family, or you can’t decide on what kind of quality to buy, then this guide is for you.

Let’s dive into the realm of shapewear and uncover different elements that might make the choosing process simple and convenient.

Pro-Tip: Shapewear is designed to make you feel and look your best with no effort. With this in mind, be clear on what your goal is for purchasing a shapewear.

To find the answer to how to spot a good quality shapewear that’s also comfortable enough to wear to work, evening outings or an exercise companion, we spoke to other women garment boutique owners, plus-size stylists, Nollywood stylists and A-listers and costume designers about their go-to choice for shapewear.

So here’s the thing; There is no ‘one size fit all’ to the question of identifying a good quality shapewear. That’s how we ended up with “the three F’s: fit, function, and fabric factors to look for when buying a shapewear. Whatever the type of garment, from bodysuits to shorts to tanks to briefs to thongs to tights to leggings to lingerie or waist trainer or cinchers; understanding the combination of “the three F” in relation to your body type and shapewear goals will set you on the right to identifying a great shapewear for your needs.

FIT – Understand Your Shape and Size, then Select Accordingly.

When you go shapewear shopping, the first thing to remember is to buy shapewear that fits you correctly. Plus-size women are not left out in the pursuit of a trim elegant look, notwithstanding plus size women must be aware of their body dimensions in order to choose the finest shapewear. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of the size. For a better fit, choose shapewear that is one size smaller than the original body measurement. The goal is to be comfortable in your shapewear throughout the day.

According a stylist expert Sophia-Banks Coloma who has worked with Hollywood based celebrities, “Women sometimes attempt to size down by two sizes for more firmness,” This simply is not a safe best as it results in bulges and pain, and it might “make you seem larger,” she claims.

Not sure what accurate size is best for you, visit a store and try on shapewear pieces (while wearing underwear for sanitary reasons) to discover what looks best on you. Sit down and move about while wearing it to ensure that you are comfortable and that the shapewear is secure.

While trying it out, the following is not usual for your shapewear – 

    • While it should be tight, the waist trainer should not pinch or impede your breathing. If this is the case, remove it right away. 
    • While it may be challenging to put on a waist trainer for the first time, you should not have to tug or stretch to secure it. Never force it, or you risk ruining it and rendering it unreturnable. 
    • With a correctly fitted waist trainer, you should notice prominent hourglass curves right away. If it’s too big and there’s no discernible improvement in your waistline, you need a smaller size or an alternative style. Once it’s secured and in place, you shouldn’t be able to move it! With perfectly fitted shapewear, this is normal – 
    • It should be pretty tight. You will most likely be unable to bend at the waist very much. 
    • You will sweat more in your core area (the reason that waist training is effective). If this bothers you, consider a cotton-blend or latex-free shapewear.
FUNCTION – Learn About the Many Forms of Shapewear to Help You Choose the Best:.

Shapewear is available in a various range of sizes and styles. Separate shapewear for the thighs, tummy, and waist are available. Be that as it may, as a first-time buyer, you shouldn’t be too concerned. You may choose a full-body suit that will provide total body contouring with the least amount of work and money.

Full-body shapewear may cure all of your issues at once. There is no need for those extra thigh tights when you can choose for single body shapewear. Shapewear is also designed to provide various degrees of compression. Shapewear with mild, medium and hard compression is available for a variety of body shapes and demands.

Firm compression shapewear, for example, is ideal for showcasing bridal gowns and formal attire. On the other hand, light compression shapewear is perfect for putting a final touch on your everyday outfit. To pick the finest shapewear for belly and waist, one must carefully assess shaping objectives, target regions, and the kind of occasion, such as casual or formal.

FABRIC- Choose Smooth and Lightweight Fabric Shapewear:

Another factor to consider when choosing the best shapewear is the quality of the fabrics utilized. The material of the garment is something that many people overlook when shopping for shapewear. The fabric of shapewear is critical to consider because it influences the garment’s quality, comfort, and utility. The material chosen for the interior lining should be smooth and not cause any discomfort to the wearer. This is crucial if the shapewear is intended to be worn daily. Note, the cloth should be soft and flexible.

Shapewear is generally comprised of nylon and spandex. While these are two synthetic materials that do not allow the body to breathe, they are ideal for shapewear worn in cold regions. When worn in colder areas, this material aids the body’s ability to retain heat and keep warm. When worn in hotter conditions, the body begins to sweat.

Nylon can provide long-lasting comfort while being lightweight. It might be helpful to use it as a fabric for shapewear. Also, before purchasing shapewear, carefully read the label to avoid the trouble of returns and exchanges. While nylon and spandex are the most often used materials for shapewear, cotton and microfibers are also utilized.

The objective of using these two materials is that cotton assists in moisture absorption if the body begins to sweat, and microfiber aids in odor management.


Although most body shapers are composed of nylon and spandex, cotton body shapewear is also available. Cotton is a soft textile that absorbs body sweat and keeps you cool.

During the hot summer months, this body shapewear is ideal. They are suitable for hot weather since they absorb any moisture from your body and keeps you comfy. Furthermore, the material is strong, which ensures that it shapes your body into a perfect figure. It holds your thighs, tummy, bust, and buttocks perfectly, giving you that wow figure.


If you sweat a lot, the microfiber material is ideal. This is because microfiber is extremely effective at absorbing sweat from your body. It is also important for odor management, which guarantees that you stay fresh even in the noon sun. Please note, the microfiber material is thin and seamless. This allows you to wear a tight dress while hiding your body shapewear. This offers you the courage to show off your curves and form without worrying about people seeing your shapewear.

Plus, the material does not cause your dress fabric to stick to your body. It offers you a natural curve and a tiny waist that helps you look nice in any outfit.

Finally, if you’re going to wear shapewear, make sure you’re comfortable in it. You should also make sure that it properly supports your back, thighs, buttocks, and midsection. When choosing shapewear, it is a good idea to consider the fabric of the shapewear and the fabric of your clothes.

Shapewear made of hosiery fabric will not go well with cotton outerwear because it will cling to cotton. If you are wearing a silk dress or a silk skirt, it is critical to purchase seamless shapewear with similar material to ensure that it is invisible to those around you. Never forget when shopping for shapewear; keep the fabric in mind.

To wrap it up, another piece of advice that can help you save time is to buy more than one pair of shapewear. Buy at least two shapewear of the same size after making an educated selection and picking the best shapewear quality for you.

This brings our guide to choosing good-quality shapewear to a close. You now have all of the information you need to purchase your first good-quality piece of shapewear on your next shopping spree. Happy Shopping for Shapewears!

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