AQUALYX – Everything About the Treatment & Myths

AQUALYX – Everything About the Treatment & Myths

We all have that patch of fat in the most annoying places that just won’t disappear no matter how long you spend in the gym or how balanced and minimal your diet is. Especially around the midsection. Yes, the body needs some pockets of fat to store energy for later but for the fashion trend-conscious, it would be a blessing if the body didn’t have to store fat in the midsection. Stubborn tummy fat can be a nightmare. It doesn’t help that some of the best solutions to deal with this type of fat are either through liposuction or other forms of invasive surgery. 

If you have an area of fat that diet and exercise won’t remove, and cannot stand or are unable to tolerate an invasive surgery, you may want to consider non-invasive fat removal.  Thank goodness, scientists and human body experts are working night and day to help you achieve the confident, beautiful body that you deserve. These days non-invasive fat removal is performed on almost any part of the body. Diverse treatments can be carried out on the belly, flanks (love handles), thighs, chin, neck, back, upper arms, and knees.                                      

Now, a trained dermatologist can eliminate pockets of undesirable stomach fat without requiring an incision. One such treatment is Aqualyx


Aqualyx is a fat-eliminating solution utilized during aqualysis or aquaplasty treatments. This treatment has grown to great renown in recent years as a means to get rid of stubborn areas of fat. Many patients swear by its efficacy. This therapy was unheard of a little over ten years ago, but today many vouch for it.

To decrease localized, intractable fat deposits in places like the chin, stomach, outer and inner thighs, hips, knees, etc., an injectable liquid called Aqualyx is injected into the target area of the skin. It is a gel-based solution made from colanic acid, which our bile duct produces to aid in the breakdown of lipids. 

It dissolves fat pockets and is biodegradable, was created for patients who have a phobia of surgical procedures and have a little pocket of stubborn abdominal fat that can not be eliminated by diet or exercise.  Simply put it is a non-surgical removal solution for localized fat under the skin.

Aqualyx is generally considered safe and is permitted for localized usage or spot removal of stubborn fats. It is not a method for losing weight and works best for smaller, more difficult-to-remove pockets of fat rather than larger areas of the body.


The way Aqualyx works is by making fat cells dissolve. The fat-dissolving procedure Aqualyx involves injecting a substance into the targeted region, where it binds to the fat cells and melts them. Over the following weeks after the treatment, the body gradually discharges the fat.

The Aqualyx mimics the body’s natural processes of fat utilization. In the stomach, deoxycholic acid is a chemical that naturally breaks down dietary fat. A synthetic version of this acid that is used in Aqualyx treatments is made of this version of the stomach acid found in the body. It simply enhances existing physiological processes and targets fat cells in the area where it has been injected.  

In an era where everyone is cautious of what gets injected into their body, the principle behind this solution is not only reassuring for prospective patients but keeps the occurrence of side effects to the bare minimum. To address what may be an aesthetic problem, such as an abdominal region that has noticeable stubborn fat buildup, its treatments, therefore, utilize the body’s natural technique of reducing fat. The free fatty acids are subsequently normally eliminated by the body. The fat cell is irreversibly destroyed by the process called Aqualyx liquefaction, which also releases lipids, which are subsequently excreted naturally through the lymphatic system.


Most people between the ages of 18 and 60 can qualify for this treatment. It would not be acceptable for someone pregnant or nursing, and there would be certain other situations in which the practitioner would find it not to be suitable on health grounds. This is why you must choose to undergo the process through a licensed medical practitioner or facility. As there might be underlying issues that disqualify you as a candidate but can only be discovered during proper consultations.  

However, in general, Aqualyx is probably a great choice if you have a tough area of fat to lose and are in decent health condition.


One thing Aqualyx is not is a weight-loss treatment or alternative. Although there are other fat-burning procedures, this treatment has been the industry standard for the past ten years. Other methods of reducing fat include fat freezing which Coolsculpting is the trendiest choice and therapies like LIPOcel. 

Understandably, these treatments require planning and details before deciding but you don’t have to be constantly self-conscious about the stubborn pouch of fat in your midsection. A short visit to our shapewear store will have you feeling confident and curvy in no time while you make plans to be rid of the annoying tummy fat permanently. View our collection of comfortable stylish shapewear for every shape and size.

If you are seeking treatment, you don’t need to be an expert in all of them or know every minor detail; instead, it is advised to schedule a meeting with a facility that provides a variety of therapies and then go over your objectives.


AQUALYX LIKE EVERY LIPOLYSIS TREATMENT IS SURGERY: Some individuals mistake fat-dissolving procedures for aesthetic procedures like liposuction that are meant to remove fat. Injectable lipolysis or processes like Aqualyx is a low-risk, less invasive, and more affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery. This non-surgical procedure does not involve surgery and doesn’t involve any downtime.

THIS TREATMENT IS A QUICK FIX: If you are looking to lose a few pounds just before a large occasion, an Aqualyx fat removal treatment won’t be the greatest option. Plus, the treatment is only effective for small deposits of fat. Patients often need two to five therapy sessions to see results. Results typically appear four to eight weeks following your final treatment.

AQUAYX FAT REMOVAL TREATMENTS ARE DANGEROUS: the fat-dissolving injectable aqualyx is a secure and reliable option for helping your body get rid of extra fat cells. After the fat is injected, and the fat cells are destroyed, the remnants are spontaneously eliminated by the lymphatic system. The Aqualyx gel is made up of a synthetic form of naturally occurring deoxycholic acid solution found in the body, plus a few substances found in plants.

RESULTS ARE NOT PERMANENT: Weight reduction injections don’t require surgery, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful. This treatment target specific kinds of fat cells. Benefits can last as long as the patient is willing to make lifestyle adjustments in addition to therapy. As with every good thing, plan to maintain the results. A carefully balanced diet and an exercise regime are all you need to keep your results for a long time. Weight loss injections aren’t advised as a miraculous cure or to address huge amounts of fat.

THIS TREATMENT IS FOR WEIGHT-LOSS: Non-surgical fat removal procedures won’t be suited for you if you want to shed a considerable amount of weight throughout your body or wish to eliminate greater amounts of fat. Fat reduction injections may be the ideal choice if you are at a healthy weight and want to treat a persistent region of fat that won’t go away.

In conclusion, you don’t have to feel stuck battling with the stubborn pouch of fat in your midsection. If you think you have reached a plateau in fat loss in that area of your body, talk to a trained practitioner about your options for a lipolysis treatment specifically aqualyx. If you are not sure or trying to save up for the treatment, try out any of our tummy cinchers or body suits to give you the firm, snatched and curvy look you desire. Cheers to the elegant you. 

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