Cool Sculpting – What, How and Everything You Should Know.

Cool Sculpting – What, How and Everything You Should Know.

Cool sculpting – also known as the process of cryolipolysis, is a cosmetic technique used to eliminate fat from specific body areas as directed by a medical professional. It works by utilising freezing tech to blast fat cells in targeted areas of the body.

Scientific discoveries on the effect of frostbite on fat cells led to scientists creating the idea and process of cryolipolysis. Unlike skin, fat freezes and disintegrates at a higher temperature. The cryolipolysis device cools your fat to the point of death while leaving your skin and other tissues unharmed.

Likewise, to liposuction, plastic surgeons and other therapists use Cool sculpting to treat areas of the body where it is more difficult to remove fat by diet and exercise, albeit in a non-invasive process.

Cool sculpting is a non-invasive procedure, does not require surgery, cutting, incisions or anaesthetic. Hence, it carries less risk than liposuction. By all indications, the process is mostly safe. But people should know some side effects – because of individual diversity.

As always, we have researched for you and compiled all your questions in our inbox, plus answered them in bite-sized bits of information, in this article of cool sculpting frequently asked questions. We take an in-depth look at cool sculpting, including how it works, its effectiveness, cost, side effects and risks of the procedure, and more. Let’s get into it.

What is Cool Sculpting?

Cool sculpting is a branded, FDA-approved (in the United States) type of fat reduction called the process of cryolipolysis.

Cool sculpting uses freezing temperatures to break down fat cells. Cold does not affect other body cells the same way it does fat cells. Aside from slight loose skin issues, there should be no damage to the outer skin or under skin tissues.

What is the Process of CoolSculpting?

Cryolipolysis does not involve a surgical procedure. It is not invasive; neither does it involve the use of needles. The device holds the part of your body that your doctor wants to work on between two paddles.

The paddles cool quickly, and your doctor will leave them in position for 35 to 1 hour and 15 minutes. The technique destroys 20% to 25% of the fat cells in specific areas throughout the process.

The final benefits may not be seen for several months. However, you may notice some changes within the first few weeks. Your immune system removes dead fat cells gradually. So a healthier diet and improved lifestyle is suitable for seeing and maintaining the results.

In addition, the doctor or assistant vacuums the skin above the region of fat tissue into an applicator that cools the fat cells during the treatment. The freezing temperatures numb the region. Some individuals report experiencing cold.

Depending on the fat location and your doctor’s prescription, most cool sculpting treatments last around an hour. Since there is no injury to the skin or tissue, a healing period may not be necessary. Some patients notice discomfort around the cool sculpting site. This discomfort can compare to how they may feel after a strenuous workout or a slight muscular injury.

What do the Experts Say about Cool Sculpting?
It may take 4–6 months for the fat cells to exit the body after the treatment. During that period, the fat area will shrink by an average of 20%.
Does Cool Sculpting work?

Cool sculpting is quite effective. It is efficient in removing fat deposits from the body with fewer adverse effects than other treatments like liposuction.

Yes, this technique can remove fat from certain places, yet it is not a ‘wonder’ solution, and individuals should not depend on the procedure alone for permanent fat expulsion. The treatment will not work for everyone, as well as some individuals may suffer from more severe adverse effects than most others.

Other variables, such as lifestyle, underlying health conditions and diet, may also play a role. An individual who continues to eat an unhealthful diet and maintains a sedentary lifestyle after
performing cool sculpting will experience little to no fat reduction.

Who should not use Cool Sculpting?

So, who should not use cool sculpting? You should avoid cryolipolysis if you have any of the following conditions:

    • Skin that is too loose.
    • Skin discolouration/uneven skin tone.
    • Abnormal Body Proteins: e.g. cryoglobulinemia. A condition where abnormal proteins in your blood thicken in cold temperatures.
    • Urticaria: A skin condition that causes hives on your skin when it gets cold.
    • Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. A type of anaemia involving the destruction of your red blood cells upon exposure to frigid temperatures.
Is Cool Sculpting Good for Reducing Belly Fat?

Cryolipolysis, known as cool sculpting, can help you destroy fat cells in the belly area. In extreme stubborn belly cases, cool sculpting is a last resort. Also, it can be used in other regions of your body as advised by your doctor.

Some areas such as:

    • Under the chin and along the jawline.
    • Thighs.
    • Belly.
    • The back and the sides (Love Handles).
    • Under the butt.
    • Along the bra line.
    • Upper arm.

Cryolipolysis is not the ultimate weight-loss method. Nevertheless, If you’ve tried diet or exercise or both and haven’t been able to get rid of particular fat bulges, your doctor may recommend it. Science research says cool sculpting is a relatively safe and effective therapy for eliminating specific regions of fat.

A review published in the journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in 2015 examined 19 prior research on cryolipolysis.

Researchers discovered – (after evaluating fat loss using a calliper, an instrument comparable to a ruler), patients lost an average of 14.67 to 28.5% of the fat in regions treated with cryolipolysis. Peoplevshed 10.3% to 25.5% of their body fat in the trials that used ultrasonography to assess the fat loss.

The authors discovered no significant health risks connected with the treatment. There was no decrease in liver function.

A separate 2015 review published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal that looked at 16 studies reported people had an average fat reduction of 19.55 per cent.

The study authors emphasise the need for longer-term data on the procedure. Most of the studies included in their analysis were few and did not compare the results of cool sculpting against results people would get from other cosmetic procedures or lifestyle changes.

Massaging the area immediately after treatment may improve fat reduction, though more research is necessary. A 2014 study trusted source found an increase in fat reduction following massage two months after treatment. After four months, however, the difference was no longer statistically significant.

What are the Side effects, Risks and Complications of Cool Sculpting?

Also known as Cryolipolysis – the process is done at your doctor’s office, and no recuperation time is needed except otherwise advised by your doctor.

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure, so it does not require cuts, anaesthesia, or medications that could bring up an allergic reaction. This means that the rate of complications and side effects is lower than with more invasive procedures, such as liposuction.

However, these procedures are not for everyone. You should not use cool sculpting or cryolipolysis if you suffer from cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, etc.

Whether asked or not, it is advised that you inform your doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions, including recent surgery, pre-existing hernia, medical conditions, any sensitivities, body sensations or allergies.

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal analysis found that, of 1,445 people, only 12 people — less than 1%—reported complications. The most common complication was having little to no sensation than beforehand in the treated area.

Other complications may include:

    • Blanching.
    • Bruising.
    • Cramping or aching.
    • Sensitivity or Itching.
    • Temporary skin redness.
    • Firmness.
    • Localised pain.
    • Sensations of fullness behind the throat after submental or submandibular part treatment

A 2015 review found no complications, such as bleeding, skin pigment changes, or scarring, and a 2014 article describes an isolated case of a condition called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia following cryolipolysis.

As stated in the report, this problem is quite rare, occurring in just 0.005% of individuals. Individuals who have this uncommon side effect have a rise in fat cells, which can cause the treated region to

A few unexpected effects exist. During the cool sculpting, you might experience drag or tug on your skin, plus frigid temperatures. Soreness after the procedure is a common experience as well as if you’ve been working out. Also, you could notice some oedema.

Cool sculpting can occasionally result in mild-to-moderate discomfort in the nerves. Remember how your palms look after putting them in cold water for a while? Your skin looks like that for some time because of the procedure.

How Effective is Cool Sculpting?

Cool sculpting is safe and effective if you maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Plus, the risks are few and rare. There’s no damage to the liver or other essential organs. Where there are side effects, they are mild and fade after a short while.

Reports show that cool sculpting cuts the amount of fat in specific parts of the body by 10%-25%. However, as to the duration of the effect, research is still ongoing. The number of times you will need to undergo the process to see visible results will depend on the advice from your doctor.

How Expensive is Cool Sculpting?

Cryolipolysis is a cosmetic procedure but, it treats or cures any health issue. That means you would require an expert certified professional to carry out the treatment for you.

That said, these are the factors that might contribute to determining the cost of the procedure: The area of the body you wish to treat (smaller area costs less). Prices also vary depending on geographic location. The skill level of the Physician or Doctor.

The size of the cool sculpting machine or applicator. You might also need to consider the number of treatments necessary. Please note, areas with more fat might require more treatments.

How many sessions do you require?

Cool sculpting for the arms – might require only one session per arm. Also, it would be less expensive per session than cool sculpting for larger areas like the thighs, stomach or love handles.

How long does Cool Sculpting last?

Cool sculpting blasts fatty cells. These destroyed cells do not regenerate. However, science is yet to understand very little about Cool sculpting’s long-term consequences or efficacy duration. Most studies only tracked individuals (who have had the procedure) for a few months following therapy.

Please note that destroying fat cells does not eliminate the possibility of new fat cells forming. If an individual overhaul their lifestyle, i.e. does not engage in consistent physical activity or exercise or continues to consume unhealthy foods, the fat may return fast. As a result, a healthy lifestyle is critical to preserving any cool sculpting benefits.

What are the Alternatives to Cool Sculpting?

For people seeking fast action results in a single treatment, liposuction may be a better option. Remember to pair it up with the right shapewear for quicker, smoother results. Since liposuction is more invasive, it also carries a much higher risk of complications than cryolipolysis.

Other types of nonsurgical fat reduction or extermination include:

Kybella: Injection lipolysis, which uses an injection to eliminate fat cells.

Sculpsure is laser lipolysis. It involves the use of a hot laser to melt fat cells.

Vanquish is radiofrequency lipolysis, which uses radio waves to kill fat cells.

TruSculpt: A radiofrequency procedure that uses heat to kill fat cells.

Zerona: A cold laser treatment that causes fat cells to shrink.

Emsculpt: is a procedure that uses electromagnetic energy to break down fat cells and tighten muscles.

On a Final Note,

If you read up to this point and consider cool sculpting, please note that, while persistent fat pockets are typical, they can also be a symptom of an underlying health problem or condition. It is critical to consult with a doctor before undergoing any fat-removal operations.

Regardless of if the procedure is invasive. Nonetheless, as you search for the best option open to you either before or after the surgery, help yourself with our plethora of beautiful full bodysuits and other shapewears.

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