Bad Bra Practices Harmful to the Breast.

Bad Bra Practices Harmful to the Breast.

There is no better feeling after having a long day than coming home and removing your bra. Usually like a surge of relief, allowing fresh air to wash over your body. Most women at one point in their life must have wished to go braless. 

After all, before Africa was colonized, women of all ages went braless. The only part of their bodies that were covered was the bottom. But with Colonization and Religion, African women have been conditioned to think that wearing a bra is the proper thing to do. 

We believe that wearing a bra makes one look good, attractive, put-together, and decent. There’s no doubt if the assertions are correct or wrong but there have been concerns recently, among women of all sizes, scientists, and researchers on whether wearing a bra is harmful to the breast. 

Some researchers even associated wearing bras to the cause of breast cancer. The countless debate has, however, led to some millennials abandoning the traditional way of wearing a bra. 

15-year study by Jean-Denis Rouillon in 2013 concluded that bras provide no benefits to women and might

be harmful to breasts over time. In his study involving about 300 women aged between 18 and 35, it was noted that women who did not wear bras developed more muscle tissue to provide natural support.

He posited that the restrictive material of bras prevents tissue from growing and may encourage the breast to sag. Apart from the research by Rouillon, there are many other conflicting reports about whether wearing it is good or bad as well as myths.


Wearing a bra at night: According to research by health experts, wearing a bra or any other tight-fitting garment at night could affect a person’s sleep. They posited that night-time pressure from tight-fitting garment caused an increase in core body temperature and a decrease in hormones that helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. This can potentially affect the quality of sleep.

Wearing a badly fitting bra: This practice can primarily cause back and neck pain. A bra that is too tight on the skin should be avoided. A correctly fitting bra, unlike tight ones, may help to improve posture and prevent back pain especially for people with larger breasts.

Also, these types of bras are bad for your health

Zero support bras: A bra with good support will keep neck and back pain at a distance. This is because the breast already has its own weight. So, if they are not supported by a good fitting bra, then the neck and back muscles will have extra work to do.

Ill-fitted bras: As mentioned above, your bra should fit properly, if this is not so, you might develop different skin reactions or health problems. The bra should not be tight on the body. Some research linked tight bras to poor blood circulation and breast cancer.

Sticky bras: These bras stick to the breast with the help of glue and those chemicals are not supposed to be in contact with the skin. Also, the adherence is usually tight and doesn’t give a chance to breathe. This can even cause itchiness and unpleasant rashes on the skin.

There is insufficient evidence to suggest that wearing a bra is harmful or has a negative effect on your health, but wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause poor posture, back and neck pain.

It’s okay to jump into the bandwagon of people going braless if that’s what you want. Some celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna are on this table, it’s up to you. if you are uncomfortable with going braless, then always buy bras that are correctly fitted and comfortable on your skin. If it’s not comfortable, then it’s not right… don’t buy it.

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2 thoughts on “Bad Bra Practices Harmful to the Breast.”

    August 5, 2020 at 3:12 pm

    I don’t think bras should be ditched because they help in giving some kind of support. However, you have done well by mentioning these bad bra practices. I honestly don’t get sticky bras. I’ve never tried it but it does come across as super uncomfortable. Nice post by the way.

    August 14, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    Nice post as usual,welldone Mamadol. Read recently that bralette is a very good alternative to regular wired bra though. It’s more comfortable to rock at home casually

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