Butt Lift – My Experience & What I Think

Butt Lift – My Experience & What I Think

I’ve always been a booty girl. I mean, I’m that friend who would tap your butt or compliment a total stranger on her butt. And so, when I decided to begin wearing butt lift panties, I didn’t feel strange. After all, I was going to be wearing panties anyway so why not just wear one that’d add a bit more panache to my outfits. You get!

While I generally feel positive about my body, most times, I am totally not in love with the shape of my booty, and I’ll admit I’m quite jealous of the curvier ladies who actually have nicer butts. But why feel bad when I could get a butt panty right!

What exactly is a butt enhancement panty?
The Butt Enhancement panty is a one-of-a-kind butt-shaping panty that shapes and enhances the derrière in several ways. The high waist slims the midsection and eliminates fupa and love handles. But it doesn’t end there. This panty works under endless styles and is especially effective in any form-fitting attire that draws attention to your backside. These panties have a different structure. They’re stretchable but firm and the seams have a butt-lifting cup with a lift and sculpt material. So I knew immediately that it works!
Getting the right size was a bit of Hassle 
I’m plus size and so getting the right fit wasn’t as stress-free as I would have preferred. After buying two panties which didn’t fit well and made me walk funny, I decided to go into a store for fittings. Although you can buy shapewear online, it’s worth it to go to a store to try on several brands and styles that fit your preference.  Alternatively, sending in a quick hip and waist measurement can help you make sure you’re buying at the right size.  At Damidols, I was advised to choose level one for a natural lift, level two for a fuller, rounder lift and level three for maximum lift. All these features allowed me to tailor my look according to my mood, moment and ensemble.
How I decided on a colour 

I knew that to feel comfortable in this panty, it had to be as natural as possible which is why I chose a colour closer to your skin tone because I tend to wear light-coloured fabrics. Of course, my butt-enhancing secret had to be kept invisible.

My first time wearing a Butt Lift Panty 
When I got my first panty delivery, I wanted to laugh at the underwear. Then once I put it on, I realized it didn’t feel bad. The underwear lifted each side of my butt and gave it a slightly different shape and feel. It was sorcery!
My observations going forward 
This is not the time to be humble. Look, I absolutely loved how big and juicy my booty looked and the stares!!!! My goodness… Something else happened to me (yea, I’m still in awe) I experienced my first big booty girl problems – waist gap.  I’ll explain what I mean. That’s what happens when the waist area of your pants/shorts/skirt doesn’t fit properly around your actual waist because most clothes aren’t made for people with big bums. In essence, I had to resort to belts so my jeans would fit properly.
So is it worth it? Would I have it any differently?
Going into buying a butt enhancement panty, I had thought padded underwear would not look as natural and was sort of a scam. I must admit however that I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the actual results I got.  While I didn’t wear them every day, the panty helped top my confidence because I felt good in dresses I could never have dared to wear before then. 
Should you buy one?
If you really desire a bigger butt, know that you totally have the right to experiment with your body and look and if a butt panty makes you feel good about yourself, it’s definitely worth giving it a go. A butt panty is a good choice for someone curious about how big booty feels especially if you’re considering surgical enhancements. You can try wearing a butt panty for a while to get used to how a bigger butt would be like.  I’m glad I took a bet on this and won! I feel so much more confident and self-loving. But let me know, would you be willing to try out a butt lift panty? 

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