Coolmini – An Alternative to Remove Pockets of Stubborn Fat

Coolmini – An Alternative to Remove Pockets of Stubborn Fat

In continuation of our series on non-invasive fat removal solutions, we will be dissecting the Coolmini non-invasive option. You are not alone in your search for the “end-all” of abdominal fat. As you and many more individuals come to terms with the fact that exercise and diet might take longer or even not be enough to take care of that small protruding pouch in your midsection that makes standing in front of a full-length mirror a chore, or the bulging neckline or other fat pockets that spoil your swag, you are also searching for non-invasive options and/or combinations to permanently take care of this style hiccup – belly fat. 

Enter Coolmini to the rescue. A non-invasive FDA-approved visceral fat removal process. The family of available non-invasive treatments has a fascinating new member. The distinctive size, shape, and curve of the CoolMini applicator are intended to target tiny pockets of fat. It’s ideal for the area beneath the chin where so-called submental fat gathers and causes a double chin. It can also target tiny handfuls of abdominal fat that defy elimination via diets and exercise and bulges of fat under the arms. The same technique of CoolSculpting is used by this portable gadget to tone the neck, and tummy area and remove fat beneath the chin and love handles.

Understanding Coolmini

The FDA has approved CoolSculpting for non-invasive fat removal in the neck regions. However, it is also combined with other treatments to target hard-to-reach pockets of fat in the inner and outer thighs, flanks (love handles), and abdomen (muffin top). This family of available treatments has a fascinating new member in the form of CoolMini. The same technique is used by this portable gadget which is originally designed to tone the neck, remove fat beneath the chin and reach difficult pockets of fat in the tummy. As its name suggests Coolmini is the ‘mini’ version of the Coolsculpting procedure. The CoolSculpting mini is a smart applicator for a fat-freezing procedure created especially for treating tiny fat bulges, such as unattractive double chins. The CoolMini is a unique device created by Coolsculpting to treat mild or difficult-to-reach fat deposits, such as dual chins, and belly fat, without requiring patients to undergo surgery of any kind.

This cutting-edge fat crystallization technique pinpoints, shrinks, and cools undesirable fat cells in the chosen location. These cells begin to crystallize before dissipating. They are naturally metabolized and eliminated by your body, which results in a dramatic and long-lasting decrease in the unsightly fat bulge.

To set you in the right position for treatment and maximum results, problem areas are first identified. The gadget draws the tissue in with a forceful but not unpleasant tug. An extreme chilly sensation emerges from the device throughout therapy. This sensation only last for a short while before fading away.

Benefits of Coolmini

Subcutaneous fat cells beneath the skin are permanently destroyed by the CoolMini procedure. These squishy, pockets of fat can be seen on the chin, tummy, knees, and underarms. The CoolMini “utilizes already proven non-invasive body contouring device to selectively target submental fat,” Andrei Metelitsa, MD, FRCPC, FAAD, co-director, Institute for Skin Advancement Clinical Associate Professor, Section of Dermatology, University of Calgary, told Your resistant fat cells are permanently eliminated by CoolMini’s fat freezing procedure, giving you a curvy and lean appearance. The following are the main advantages of CoolSculpting CoolMini:

    • Completely eliminating subcutaneous and submental fat cells.
    • Permanent decrease in treated fat cells that is risk-free, cozy, and via essentially pain-free process.
    • No downtime or recovery period is required.
    • Statistically confirmed fat loss of up to 27%.
    • Results in noticeable fat reduction between 4–12 weeks.
    • Non-surgical and non-intrusive.
What to Expect During Recovery?

Although there is no downtime, patients have reported several slight effects from undergoing the Coolmini procedure. Depending on how your body responds and how many locations you’ve had treatment with Coolmini, recovery times will vary. Here are a few things you might expect:

    • Even though you can leave the treatment facility and go about your day, you could feel pain, stiff or see swelling. The remainder of the day is frequently used for rest and relaxation.
    • For the first few days, it may be beneficial to use compression clothing like Body suits or waist trainers depending on where you have the treatment to reduce swelling and pain.
    • If you experience nerve twinges in the treated region after approximately five days; this is expected as the nerves heal. This is frequently brief and has been reported as stinging, cramping, or tingling. Contact your provider for advice on how to handle the discomfort if it persists for a long time or feels uncomfortable.
    • It is typical for the treated region to itch one to two weeks after the surgery. Oral antihistamines can be used to address this histamine reaction to the inflammatory process of removing fat cells. Within three weeks, numbness in the treated region usually goes away.

Three to four months after the treatment, your body will continue to eliminate the injured fat cells. Take care of yourself by drinking lots of water, choosing nutritious foods, and engaging in regular exercise.

Who is the Best Candidate for Coolmini?

The best CoolMini candidates have enough submental fat for the applicator to grab onto in the target areas plus, patients must have reasonable expectations. The practitioner or Doctor will consult with you on how or the best time or the number of times you will require the surgery. 

Despite the fact that the dead fat cells practically vanish forever in targeted areas, outcomes might vary in different individuals and you still risk gaining weight in the vicinity where the applicator is used. 

In clinical studies, more than 300 CoolMini treatments were carried out. Patients were very pleased with their outcomes, which demonstrated the same degree of effectiveness as that attained with the original CoolSculpting applicators.

Kybella injections are another option for reducing fat beneath the chin. This medication uses a unique chemical ingredient to disintegrate fat cells.

In summary,

If you have ever had a fat freezing procedure, you would realize that certain fat pockets especially deep under the skin or hard to reach areas do not get affected by the treatment. Though “muffin tops” and “love handle” can still be efficiently treated with CoolSculpting, the CoolMini applicator significantly increases the procedure’s versatility in reaching difficult areas. For better results follow the recommendations of your provider plus buy a good quality body compression garments to help you retrain the target area. 

Remember that CoolMini is not a weight-loss substitute rather it only helps your contour and eliminate trouble fat pockets. To engage the treatment, it is best to lose weight or get to your ideal weight range and avoid regaining the weight lost, after this treatment. With the CoolMini treatment, you no longer have to fear standing in front of a mirror. Cheers to a radiant you!

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