Fat Transfer – 7 BBL Tips & Recovery Guide After Surgery.

Fat Transfer – 7 BBL Tips & Recovery Guide After Surgery.

Fat Transfer from any part of the body to any other part is a type of surgery done for ladies who want to tone down fat in certain areas while desiring certain body features to become better enhanced. It is also known as lip modelling or fat grafting. BBLs, Scar Therapy, Facial rejuvenation etc. are all types of fat transfer procedures. A popular example is the Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL for short. A type of fat transfer procedure that requires expert skills and is not carried out by everyone due to the nature and requirements of the process. For more details on the surgery read up on this article. However, we will deal with details on the recovery time and how to get the best results through fat survival techniques.  

Despite the many reports of successful fat transfer procedures, only a minute percentage report long-term positive results maintained over a five-year period or more. Only a portion of the patients reports no incidence during the recovery period plus successful recovery. Only a few patients report transferred fat survival in its new location. The percentage that survives varies greatly depending on a few factors, including how much volume was transferred, how toned and elastic the skin is in that area, how the patient cares for the transferred fat plus body during the recovery process, lifestyle and a variety of other factors. One common opinion shared by surgeons regarding Fat Transfer is that the patient’s behaviours during recovery and after, have a direct and significant influence on how much of the fat that gets transferred, remains.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Guide.

Whether or not your BBL is successful in the long run has a lot to do with what you do from the moment you leave the operating table. Once a competent surgeon has concluded his task and fully counselled you on the dos and don’ts the onus rests with you to ensure you draw the best out of your body with this surgery. Fat transfer or grafting is like a second opportunity to reshape your body to your desired look. Hence, you must go in with the mindset to do the work required to get the best results. 

Here is a simple guide to help you stay on track with the recovery process.

All through the healing process, some of the fat cells get absorbed again by the body. This is normal but necessitates the formation of a new blood supply to feed the nutritious transferred fat cells. The BBL outcomes are typically permanent once this period is done if all things remain equal. Weight fluctuation will affect the size of your buttock. This is due to fat volume increase and decrease. It is probably best practice to attain your ideal weight or close it before attempting this surgery.

    • Cultivate a Healthy Lifestyle – This can’t be stressed enough. It is the key to the good life! Quit tobacco and eat nutritious meals. If you keep a healthy lifestyle, the benefits of your BBL might persist for a long time.
    • Totally avoid pressure on the grafted regions. Avoid tension in the places where fat cells were transplanted by sleeping on your stomach or sides. Resting on your stomach is not advised if you had an additional surgery like a tummy tuck with your BBL.
    • Wear your prescribed compression clothes throughout the day. The whole 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the first three weeks. Check that it fits well, is comfy, and does not crush the buttocks. It is possible that your special compression garment is too tight if it creates markings on your skin. Check with your physician about the situation. Doctors often advise cosmetic surgery patients to wear the garment for 3 to 6 weeks. Patients should wear the compression garment 24 hours a day for the first 2 to 3 weeks. Only when washing or bathing should it be removed. Once two or three weeks are complete, patients must continue to wear the compression garment for 12 hours each day, you could choose either during the day or at night.
    • You should not sit on your buttocks. During the duration of the time prescribed by your doctor (between 2 to 8 weeks). If you must sit, use a specific BBL pillow or adopt a particular sitting position. Sit only when absolutely necessary and for brief periods of time. Various doctors have different opinions on how long you should sit following a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Some doctors advise patients to avoid sitting for the first two weeks following surgery. Others advise just sitting with a BBL cushion for the first 6 weeks of healing. Sitting on the fat cells for an extended period of time causes them to die.

The body will develop a blood supply around the new fat cells within the first 6 weeks of BBL recovery. It is safe to sit without the BBL cushion once this blood supply has been established. To keep it simple, this is what you should do following a BBL to get better results during recovery.

    • Walk. Exercise your legs. You must continue to take steps to reduce your risk of developing blood clots following surgery.
    • Always keep your compression garment on. Only take it off to shower. Then, replace it.
    • Rest solely on your stomach or your legs for the first 2 to 3 weeks. After that, you can sit on the BBL Pillow.
    • Stay hydrated by drinking fluids.
    • Take all drugs as at when and how your doctor recommends.

This is what you should avoid doing after a bbl.

    • Do not sit on your buttocks for the first two to eight weeks 
    • Avoid putting any strain on the buttocks that have had fat transplantation.
    • You must not smoke. Smoking should be avoided for at least two months following the surgery. Cigarette and drug usage can significantly raise the likelihood of developing problems.
    • Wearing a compression garment that is excessively tight is not recommended. The clothing should be fitted, yet not cover your buttocks.

Now that you know what to do to ensure a smooth recovery phase, the other issue is to ensure a reasonable amount of the fat transferred survives for a long time after the recovery phase. The key to lasting BBL results is to enhance transferred fat survival. 

So, here are seven things you can do following your fat transfer therapy to guarantee that more fat survives:

    • Fat Feeding: Nutrient-dense meals will supply your body with all of the vitamins and minerals it requires to recuperate. Increasing the number of good fats in your diet will aid in your recuperation. Avocados, grass-fed butter, almonds, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil are all good additions.
    • Wearing the Right Clothes: In addition to the appropriate contouring compression garments recommended by your physician following surgery, you should plan to wear clothes that promote rehabilitation. Squeezing freshly transplanted fat is the quickest method to destroy those cells, so avoid wearing tight or restricting clothing throughout your healing process.
    • Driving Is Not Allowed: Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) patients must refrain from driving for at least two weeks, for the following reasons. Sitting on newly deposited fat will crush and smother those fat cells; especially with pushing down pedals and trying to navigate the car which puts pressure on your lower back and buttocks. If sitting is not advised, driving is even worse. Especially if you will be stuck in traffic! The closer you can get to 6-8 weeks without driving, the more likely you are to retain a bigger proportion of the transplanted fat.
    • Maintain a stable weight: Weight changes might have a negative impact on Brazilian Butt Lift patients. Weight reduction following BBL may cause your buttocks to lose weight, but it should be comparable to overall weight loss. For example, a pear-shaped lady who has never been concerned about underarm fat may discover that her upper back and arms are now more likely to gain weight.
    • Maintain Hydration: General knowledge 101- staying hydrated is important for good health. While your body is working hard to repair itself, it relies significantly on the water to help eliminate waste and transport nutrients around the body. However, simply drinking water is insufficient. You must supply your body with electrolytes, which are salts and minerals that assist your body to retain water. During the first 8 weeks of your recuperation, try integrating a few pinches of pink Himalayan salt or a small sports drink (Lucozade) into your diet every day.
    • Sleeping Creatively: After a Brazilian Butt Lift, you must be careful not to crush your freshly transplanted fat while sleeping. Stomach sleeping is a wonderful suggestion for Brazilian Butt Lift only if you didn’t have any surgery around the tummy area too. Because it’s more difficult for you to roll over from your stomach throughout the night, this can help discourage you from rolling onto your backside out of habit. After BBL, side sleeping is an option, but only if you’re confident you won’t turn onto your backside out of habit.
    • Get Down on Your Thighs: Learn to sit on your thighs. Remember you can’t always sit on your bum, especially for long periods. Sitting on a towel is one method that helps our patients stay off their buttocks throughout the healing process. Seems uncomfortable right? But here’s the trick: wrap the towel into a cylindrical shape and position it under your thighs when you sit to keep your weight off your butt. Be careful not to cut off blood flow (if your thighs are turning numb, stand for a few minutes to allow blood circulation, then adjust position).

Lastly, studies have shown that BBL is relatively successful and safe so long as they are carried out by competent, credible practitioners plus you have to obey every single instruction. 

So, there you have it, the tips to help you recover faster plus more tips to help you ensure you retain as much of the transferred fat as possible without losing it to body reabsorption or squishing of the butt. If you are still researching your options with fat transfer surgeries, you can begin to alter your lifestyle and envision yourself in your desired look with our assortment of shapewear and body suits guaranteed to give you that snatched look you desire. If you have already had the surgery, ensure you have an array of beautiful quality surgery compression garments and butt lifts garments to help you contour your curves as you desire. Cheers to a beautiful you.

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