Sensitive Skin? Let’s Guide You on How to Pick the Best Shapewear

Sensitive Skin? Let’s Guide You on How to Pick the Best Shapewear

If you have sensitive skin, you probably know that finding clothes that feel comfortable against your skin can be challenging. Many clothing fabrics can cause sensitive skin symptoms—like dryness, itchiness, soreness and redness. If you have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated or a more serious skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, you need to be careful what fabrics you wear. 

Shapewear is not exempted. If you intend to wear your shapewear or waist trainer for long, you need to pay attention to the kind of fabrics you purchase. In essence, wearing the right fabrics even for shapewear can help protect your skin and may even help irritated areas heal faster. 

Finding clothes that don’t irritate or further escalate your skin condition can be tricky, but below are a few tips and tricks that can help you

The first thing to note?

Choose fabrics that breathe: When purchasing shapewear, choose those that keep moisture away from the skin. This is especially important in cold seasons. If you sweat a lot and your clothing doesn’t breathe, what then happens is that the moisture gets trapped inside. 

This way, the extra moisture allows naturally occurring bacteria on the skin to grow, leading to skin rashes. 

Not only is shapewear with natural fabrics good for the skin, but they are also good for the environment because they are usually sustainable. 

Here are some of the qualities possessed by most natural fabrics: Breathable, Hypoallergenic, Moisture-wicking

Durable, Temperature regulating, Anti-bacterial and Mould/dirt resistant.

Below are some great shapewear fabrics to try 

Silk – This highly absorbent, easy-to-care-for fabric is also hypoallergenic because of its natural protein structure, making it a great choice for people with allergies. This natural fibre is durable yet soft on your skin, with minimal friction.

Cotton – This low maintenance fabric is hypoallergenic and won’t irritate your skin, or make your allergies worse. Cotton breathes easily, unlike oil-based synthetic fabrics.  

Flax/Linen – Linen which is non-allergenic, anti-static and antibacterial, also regulates temperature well. Also, linen can absorb up to 20% moisture before it starts to feel damp so this is just perfect for you.

Hemp – The fabric from hemp is durable and softens with every wash. It is hard to wear and lasts longer than other natural fibres. Hemp also has natural colouring, reducing the need for fabric dyes in manufacturing.

Another thing to note? 

Choosing Shapewear that is thick and heavy, is generally what causes you to feel uncomfortable. Shapewear doesn’t have to be heavy for it to be effective. For a comfortable feel, opt for a lightweight fabric. 

The Damidols shapewear is so thin and light you may forget you’re even wearing them. Available as a mid-thigh style or with straps in the open bust mid-thigh, they’re perfect for comfortable use all day long.

Invest in quality shapewear 

High-quality waist trainers have a specialized lining, made from materials like cotton plus spandex. This will absorb moisture and provide a soft layer on your skin which helps to prevent irritation. 

Owing more than one shapewear is a blessing 

When you wear a particular waist trainer repeatedly, there’s a tendency for you not to care for it well – particularly if you are intent on always wearing shapewear. 

This is not great for those with sensitive skin. Own more than one or two high-quality trainers so you don’t worry about accumulating microbes on any one of them.

A major hindrance to enjoying the amazing benefits that the Waist trainer or Shapewear offers are the skin irritations that can develop from the overuse or wrong use of shapewear. Use the tips above to ensure you stay on top of the shapewear game. 

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