How to Choose the Correct Bra Size

How to Choose the Correct Bra Size

Ladies! – gather round, let’s talk about how to choose the correct bra size for our jewels. Every woman at some point has to go through a rather distressing time finding just one perfect bra, let alone a whole closet full of perfect-sized quality bras.

Every woman’s definition of the right bra is one with the perfect comfy fit—irrespective of the brand name or design. But getting this fit is no easy science in the women’s clothing world! At times, for want of a better choice, we are tempted to result to ‘tokunbo’ or ‘OK’ bras, which might pose some health risks.

Yes, we know, it isn’t straightforward. If you have ever worn an ill-fitting bra or a wrong bra size, then you know that wearing one can destroy a hitherto flawless ensemble, a graceful look at an event—or worse, a full otherwise productive day at the office or business. (Try imagining the bra bulge or tugging and pulling at loose or tight bands or straps).

It’s disconcerting, but sadly, this is what most ladies have to put up with day in –day out. Most of us own just too many bras that are in the ill-fitting category – according to Rigby & Peller’s chief lingerie stylist, Kelly Dunmore,

“It is not uncommon for people to swap between just two bras despite owning between 10 and 20 of them.” This behavior stems subconsciously from the wearer feeling more comfortable in these two choices.

While it is true that not all women wear bras, it’s a thing of personal choice! However, there comes a day or event or dress that requires you to wear one. That said, if you only own one or wear one occasionally, you want it to be the perfect one. Hence, it is crucial to know how to measure your bra size correctly. At the very least, this will ensure that the bra you own fit and offer all the necessary support.

Bra-wearers understand how much support and relief a correctly fitting bra can bring. Even women’s clothes designers are not left out in the chaos of finding the correct bust size or bra fitting for women’s fashion.

In the words of Candice Huffine – “Designers have to keep the body in mind all the time. Think of a girl’s undergarments: the bra is always key.” So whether you wear a bra or not, you are somehow affected by the outcome of its sizing.

The wrong or ill-fitting bra can wreak untold havoc on a great outfit; however, the right or correct fitting bra is as perfect as being almost unnoticeable. Some women, especially plus-size ladies, know they’re wearing the wrong bra size but continue wearing it anyway – again, this stems from either not knowing how to find the right size and fit or not knowing where to purchase it.

Several research papers such as the Ergonomics journal have shown that ladies with larger breasts tend to make errors when choosing bra size. Despite that, it is so easy to put on the wrong bra size and carry on with your day.

Sometimes we don’t notice it until we feel uncomfortable or notice the weird sideways glances we get from strangers or friends. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to realize a bra size is not the correct fit for you, except you experience some or all of the issues listed below.

How to Know You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?

Some tell-tale signs show you are not wearing the right bra size:

    • Straps often fall: If the issue of loose straps can’t be fixed instantly by a simple strap adjustment or by adding or removing removable padding —then it’s time for a new bra.
    • Too much space under the bra band: If you can slip two or three fingers under your bra band, then the bra is too big. By the quality bra standard, you should be able to slide one finger under your bra’s band to allow movement and routine bodily functions. Anything short or more than this, and you won’t get the much-needed support from the bra.
    • You are experiencing bra bulges: Can’t bear to look in the mirror because you look like you have four breasts instead of two right? This is one noisome issue women have to put up with when wearing wrong-sized bras. You keep spilling extra flesh out of cups—on the sides, bottom, or top of your bra. If this is your experience, one solution is a bra designed with a broader cup size. Go for a full Coverage Bra in your correct size. i.e., if you are voluptuous, go for a full coverage bra of the curvy size.
    • Crinkle cups: This means the bra cups don’t look thoroughly full. This becomes obvious to see if you wear a fitted top or shirt atop your bra. If you experience this, the solution is to go down a cup size.
    • Some other issues you might experience include the bra underwire jabbing the sides of your breasts, a roll-up band, loose straps, or a bra that hoists up once arms are raised, says Sandi Simon, a fit consultant at Bra Smyth, in New York City.

Bear in mind that some elements can make you alter bra sizes, such as weight gain or loss, sickness, pregnancy, surgery, or a diet change. Head to a professional bra fitter if you have to change your bra size due to the issues listed above.

When you buy bras, your choice of a perfect bra or bra sizing shouldn’t be via a guessing game. On the first try, learning how to measure bra size can feel slightly uncomfortable. You are not alone. No need to feel out of place or self-conscious; you are beautiful! Seek professional sizing help finding your choice of bra.

Once you have these measurements, it becomes a go-to guide for future sizing. Keep them written in your journal or on your phone, or in an easily accessible place—this makes bra shopping easy, peasy! Especially if you love to shop online.

How to Find a bra that Fits You?

Before you give up on bras or resign yourself to discomfort, consider getting a professional bra fitting. Your fitting does wonders for your look and confidence. Don’t underestimate the power of getting a bra that fits like a glove.

Having said that, if you’re still not ready to go for a professional bra fitting but desire to make sure you have the right bra size, get a fabric tape measure (emphasis on the kind of tape measure!).
To visually help you take these measurements, use this handy calculator to walk you through a bra fitting at home.

Another way to measure this yourself at home without a calculator is to follow these steps.

Step 1: Determine your band size.

Standing in front of a mirror while braless, use the fabric measuring tape to go round the circumference of your rib cage, which is your under-bust – just like the tailors measure you. This is the measurement for your bra band. The tape should be straight or level, running parallel to the ground, very snug (just tight enough to allow you to fit two fingers under) hence the need for the mirror.

Next is the tricky part – now, if your result is in decimals, round up to the nearest whole number. Also, if your result is an even number, add four inches, but if it’s an odd number, add five inches. This calculation gives your band size. (i.e., let’s say you measured 36 inches, your band size is 40. If you measured 31 inches, your band size is 36.).

Step 2: Measure Your Bust Size

If you have full perky breasts, then there is no need to wear a bra for this next step, but if you don’t, put on an unpadded bra (at least one that is near perfect or holds you up a little). Now wrap the fabric tape around the fullest part of your busts. Again use a mirror to make sure the tape is level or parallel to the ground.

This measurement should be slightly loose depending on your comfort. Just your bust and back length should be measured. Do not include your arms. Again, round to the nearest whole number. Are you writing all the measurements down?

Step 3: Calculate your cup size.

Now you have your bust and band size; the rest is easy. Simply put, subtract step 1 from step 2 to get your cup size. From your calculated band size in step 1, remove your bust measurement in step 2 to get your cup size.

Finally, when you go bra shopping, especially online, your bra size is your band size with your cup size. The difference between the two becomes your cup size. For example: 37 inches (bust) – 34 inches (band) = 3 inches. That’s a 34C. The cup size will go up by a letter on an online bra chart or calculator for each inch.

There is this famous saying, “beautiful begins underneath,” in conclusion, now you have this guide; it should be a breeze to rock your world and be just amazing knowing you have all the support you need to get through your day in that perfect fit bra.

Say bye-bye to all the inconveniences of an ill-fitting bra. Plus, it is best for your overall health, in the long run, to always be comfortable and happy with what you wear, be it outside or inside.

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