Just Had Surgery? 4 Things You Can Do to Heal Faster Post-Surgery

Just Had Surgery? 4 Things You Can Do to Heal Faster Post-Surgery

The period right after a surgical procedure can be one of the most challenging times an individual might face in his or her life. Even though the surgery itself might be live-saving, the postoperative weeks of recovery that follows can be draining, painful, annoying as your body heals. Let’s not even talk of the immense boredom that may ensue. Because healing is a process that shouldn’t be rushed – The truth? You can’t even rush it, it takes as long as it wants, – you shouldn’t try to do too much before you’re physically ready, else you’ll cause more damage.

Having said this, there are ways you can optimize your recovery time, ensuring that you heal as well and as quickly as possible. Below are core tips that’d make your post-surgery healing time more smooth and effective.

For that period, see your Doctor as a god.

At this point, your doctor’s words should be gold to you. If your doctor advises you not to shower, or go swimming, please listen. If you are told not to lift anything heavier than a jug for the first few weeks after surgery, he/she has a very good reason for this instruction. Some disgruntled patients follow only the instructions that they believe are plausible and ignore the rest. DON’T BE LIKE THAT. 

A simple instruction, such as no showers after a surgical procedure, may seem foolish but in the long run, you’ll find there are numerous advantages to complying. Every patient receives discharge instructions from their surgeon about caring for your wound, how to stay on top of pain and medication and usage. Don’t ignore these instructions – remember what is said about obedience …. or is it disobedience!

You are not Hulk Hogan! Let someone else do the heavy lifting

By heavy lifting, I mean anything that weighs more than a kettle of water. Now is the time to pay attention to what your body is capable of, and go easy on every strenuous activity until you get a go-ahead from your doctor. Do not try lifting anything while alone, and get others to help with strenuous house chores like vacuuming, cleaning and hanging washed clothes. 

High-impact sports, heavy lifting, and rigorous exercise can all cause strain to your body that may delay your healing, avoid them completely until you heal.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink

Once your doctor gives the go-ahead for you to drink and eat normally, increase your hydration. Protein, vitamin C and B12 are some of the numerous vitamins and nutrients that can aid in the recovery process. If you’re on a plant-based diet, proteins like beans or tofu would up your energy level and don’t forget that chicken and eggs are excellent sources of animal protein.

Foods that are high in fibre, like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and cereals are your best bet this period. Also, lean proteins such as poultry, beans, nuts, eggs, and fish are good nutritional sources you should try out. It’s best to avoid foods that have low nutritional value – food-bearing labels with titles like “low-calorie”, “low-fat”, “sugar-free”, and “diet”. Stay away from foods that cause constipation such as red meat, dairy, sweets, and processed foods.

Importantly, drink plenty of water during your recovery! Increase your daily intake from 8 cups to 10 cups. This would help because good hydration delivers more nutrients to your cells, lowers your risk of developing blood clots, flushes your kidneys, and keeps your bowels running as best as they should. 

Invest in post-surgery shapewear

One of the few things that give you control over the sensitive process of undergoing a surgical procedure is Post Surgery Compression Garments. If you don’t have one, o wrong nau!

By wearing compression shapewear after – a therapeutic or cosmetic surgery, you will speed up your recovery, improve your pain levels, and reduce the appearance of bruises, this happens because a compression garment helps your scarring results and your body’s general comfort during the healing process. 

Excellent for stimulating a healthy blood flow to the affected areas, post-surgery shapewear not only keeps your skin looking rejuvenated, but it also helps you heal nicely, especially after invasive surgical procedures.

I’ll say this though – Sleep and relaxation, balanced with mental stimulation, are the other important ways to smooth recovery post-surgery. Learn to listen to the language your body speaks and if it says tired, then rest. 

Maintain a positive spirit, engage in activities you enjoy and seek the company of those who make you happy. Now isn’t the time to be an island; ask for help if need be and never forget that laughter can be the best medicine. If you do all these and then use a compression garment, your comeback will be a hit! Oya hit me!!!

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