Birthing Hips – Myths, Facts & All You Show Know

Birthing Hips – Myths, Facts & All You Show Know

In Africa, birthing hips –otherwise known as wide hips have been viewed as a sign of sensuality and fertility. Indeed, they look attractive and have a sort of sexual pull to them. ‘Birthing hips,’ as they are fondly called, have been used for generations to judge a woman’s fertility, though there is no scientific proof. You have probably heard this term before and have wondered if you possess such hips.

What are ‘birthing hips’?

When the term is used, it usually implies a lady with wide hips, wide enough to carry the baby well during pregnancy and have a near easy birth. Do you have birthing or wide hips? If yes, do you feel beautiful when described with the term?

Contrarily, if your hips are narrow or ‘boyish’ in structure, do you automatically assume it means your hips are not ‘birthing hips’? Before you jump to conclusions and start trying to measure how wide ‘birthing hips’ are or how narrow ‘narrow hips’ are, let me rest this myth.

The bottom line is yes — having birthing (wider) hips might make childbirth easier. Wider hips give plenty of room for a baby to move through the pelvic bones. However, the size of your hips has nothing to do with the birth process, and the birthing process is froth with varying factors, not just the hips.

Speculations are rife that the male attraction to birthing hips has something to do with the male desire and fertility, largely due to the fact that men find curvy women ideal partners for having children. They can’t resist the hips, and it’s not just because the women look good in clothes – it’s more than that, it has been like that from ancient times, and it hasn’t changed even now.

Something about the hips attracts the men and makes the women who don’t have them green with envy. But cheer up; good-quality bodysuits can help you accentuate your hips and give you the much-needed curve.

You are not alone in your desire for the hips. Even the early fashion designers designed clothes to depict these birthing hips. And for a long time, fashion was determined by this standard. Yet despite all the buzz around the birthing hips, many women with wider hips don’t like them and consider it an insult to be described by them.

Their reasons could vary; maybe some health problems, self-conscious insecurities, being sexualized by looks, or the uncomfortable feeling of bumping into people or things with their hips.

On the other side, some women love the hips because it comes with a slim waist most time, and they like how their body shape gives beautiful curves in fitting clothes. Add that to the fact that it has been scientifically proven that guys like curvy girls more.
It’s some enigma!

These speculations and divided notions have given rise to myths around the birthing hips.

Birthing Hips Myths.
Myth: Birthing or Wide hips make for an easier birth.

Truth: Once in a while, you might come across the phrase or the expression ‘good childbearing hips’ or ‘excellent birthing hips.’ But the fact is, the size of your hips won’t tell you anything about how easy or difficult giving birth will be. Yes, it might help, but it is not the ultimate determinant for easy delivery.

Let’s be clear a woman’s pelvis is not made up of a solid bone. Also, the female hip measurement may vary from puberty to menopause and as you gain or lose weight over time, but your bone structure (the pelvis) remains the same.

It is fashioned out of ligaments and other bones designed to fuse, move and loosen in the birth process. Many events happen as you labor and try to push the baby out from your body.

Myth: A wide pelvis was “bad for bipedalism” or makes walking difficult on two legs.

Truth: ‘Kristi Lewton, an assistant professor in the department of anatomy and neurobiology at Boston University School of Medicine, and colleagues at Harvard University, Hunter College and Washington University, St. Louis and a few other scientists, researched 38 undergraduates to discover how wide hips affect walking on two feet.

Their finding showed that there is no connection at all between hip width and efficiency: wide-hipped runners moved just as well as their narrow-hipped peers’. Their results were published in March 2015 in the online journal PLOS ONE.

Myth: Women have a bigger hip size than men.

Truth: Truly, women have wider hips in full terms than men. But it is important to remember that the female hips are also wider in proportion to the rest of her body.

Whether you have big or narrow hips, the most important thing is that you accept and love your body, and that is the only way you could be thrilled. You have more self-esteem when you love your body, and nobody can ruin it.

But if you have big hips that you sometimes like and dislike, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Interesting Facts About Your Wide Hips

Looking drop-dead gorgeous in pant-suits, pencil skirts, three-quarter trousers, A-line, or wrap dresses isn’t the only facts and beneficial aspects of wide hips. There is so much more to having birthing hips or the look – things you probably don’t know about, so let’s go through them ASAP.

Men make a bee-line for the hips: You might not know it but, your hip size sometimes affects who is drawn to you and whom you will date. Most guys like women with hips that are like Kim Kardashian’s. They feel immense satisfaction and feel like they are in their favorite fantasy. If you possess this body shape, guys will swim your way, trying to seduce you.

Weight loss isn’t easy:

Ladies with this kind of hip who have tried losing weight understand this. It is most difficult to lose weight due to the body fat accumulated there. Due to your bone structure, you might not have too much belly fat. Yet, it won’t be easy to lose some weight, especially around the hips.

Big thighs come with the package because they extend your hips. Many African women can relate to this too well because it is almost impossible to find the right fitted jeans.

Everyone assumes you will give birth more easily: Yes, you become the target or reference point for childbirth discussions. Everyone believes their pear-shaped body saves them in moments when they should feel a lot of pain, and people call those kinds of hips childbearing hips as well.

Women with larger hips give birth much more quickly than women with narrower hips because a baby can easily slip through, and you won’t even feel anything. However, other factors contribute to how hard or easy a birthing is, e.g., the baby’s size. Be that as it may, it definitely won’t hurt like it will hurt someone with narrow hips; that is a guarantee.

Shopping is a Problem.

Wide-hipped ladies or curvy ladies always have difficulty finding the right clothes. Sometimes it is impossible to find jeans or trousers or pant-suits with the right fit because of your birthing hips. You might find a design or material you love, but the cut won’t fit you and is designed for narrower hipped ladies. It is dreadful.

It could feel like a curse to have hips like Kim Kardashian at these times because you can’t squeeze into something you love. At this point, you begin to second guess your love of the birthing hips. Is the pear-body shape a blessing a curse?

Here is a pro-tip, always go for clothes that accentuate your waistline. Pair it with an off-shoulder neckline if you want to make the hips look smaller. It works like magic, and it is better to have the birthing hips look than to look like a broomstick in all your outfits.

For the narrow hipped gals, whip out your bodysuits with the accentuated hips feature and rock that outfit gal. The truth is, when you are in clothes, no one is the wiser.

You’ve got the Shape to Rock the Leggings.

It is like the leggings were designed for you. I am dead serious when I say that this piece of clothing needs to be a part of your wardrobe. The hips and butt look well molded, and you will look beautiful. You immediately look irresistible, and you know it. In addition, when you include some exercises for wide hips (lunges with dumbbells, hip thrusts, or squats), you get the perfect pear-shaped body.

Natural Omega-3 Fats Storage.

Part of the fats stored in the hips is the Omega-3 fats, and this fat is good for your baby if or when you get pregnant. Part of the reason for birthing hips aside from bone structure is fat storage, and the hips are the next best place for the body to store fats right after the abdomen.

Women will Envy You for Your Tiny Waists.

This tiny waist is why clothes look good on you, add a perfectly rounded birthing hip to the mix, and you have a captivating look. Now you know why you get evil glances from other ladies everywhere. Please don’t blame them! It takes you half the effort it takes them to look adorable yet sexy in any outfit.

In ancient Greece, the birthing hips were the height of fashion and the ideal female body shape to give birth to warriors and kings. It was part of the pre-requisites to choosing a strong wife or a Queen.

Belly-fat is almost non-existent for you. And you don’t have to ‘package’ up too much to hide the hideous folds most women struggle with. When you do lose weight, it happens first from your stomach. So you see how lucky you are?

Losing weight is a Herculean task.

Since spot fat reduction is not an option, losing overall weight is extremely difficult. But losing weight in the lower body parts is near impossible. A strict diet, intermittent fasting, and exercise routine are necessary to see changes. Your thighs will always look more prominent and rounded; they will be most visible in the upper body parts if you lose any weight.

Include High-Waist to Your Wardrobe Selection.

Whether it’s a high waist skirt or jeans, they always look great on you. This is mainly due to the combination of your tiny waist and large hips; this kind of clothing makes a perfect pear shape for you. Men can’t resist or take their eyes off, and high waist clothing brings out the best part of your features.

Takeaway, Believe it or not, a woman’s hip is more important than you think. But that is not to say narrow hips are not beautiful too. There are good sides and bad sides to everything with everything in life. As for the fashion aspect, a simple hack is to dress to accentuate the best part of your body shape or feature.

Don’t be perturbed if you don’t have what most people consider as birthing hips. Larger, wider hips aren’t an indicator of fertility, let alone if you’ll have an easy birth experience. Bringing life into the world is a complex experience no matter the size or shape of your pelvis, birthing hips, or narrow hips. Unless your ‘Gyne’ is concerned about the shape or size of your hips and pelvis, you need not be bothered.

But I promise you, either way, once delivery is complete, you will enjoy the beauty and wonder that is your little bundle of joy!

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