Upper Arm Fat – Discover Two Pathways of Losing Them Fast

Upper Arm Fat – Discover Two Pathways of Losing Them Fast

Beautiful ladies! Gather round for a quick exercise. Undress your upper body, lift your hands to a 900 angle from the face, and slightly shake it vigorously. Between your elbow and the armpit, do you see a flab of flesh jiggling about as you shake your hand? That dear friend is upper arm fat which causes skin laxity and a deformity of the full-body contour. In the Eastern part of Nigeria, it is called ‘Ndi nne mama.’ A name derived from plump women who attend August meetings or church having to wave their hands at some point. 

As kids, we marveled at the big sagging blurbs of flesh under their arms. Quite fascinating back then, and now it’s a fashion no-no, especially if you love wearing summer outfits. You are not alone if you landed here searching for how to get rid of upper arm fat. According to statistics from 2016, about 25,000 women had upper arm lifts to tighten the underlying tissue, decrease sagging skin, and give their arms more definition. This is an increase of 4,959% since 2000. This arm fat is quite stubborn to get rid of, requiring consistent dedication to eliminating it and avoiding certain triggers in our everyday life. Today we will discuss surgical and non-surgical ways to get rid of the arm fat menace, plus clothing to help you control the area post-surgery.


In a previous article, two major triggers of arm fat were identified as causes of arm fat. Aging: this slows down your metabolic rate, and the resultant effect is your body having to find ways and places to store fat, including your upper arms. Another factor is weight gain from consuming much more calories than you burn. Especially if you do not exercise to keep fit and have a very sedentary lifestyle, add that to stress, a poor diet, and inadequate sleep, and you have the perfect excuse for your body to store fat in the wrong places. 

It is true that where your body stores fat is a function of genetics, but your upper arm is a great place for your body to store stubborn undigestible fats. Since using exercise to spot reduce fat in the upper arm region is impossible, we are all the more conscious and eager to lose fat in this troublesome region in various ways.


Despite our best efforts, intentions, and all we see on social media, weight reduction and fat loss are never straightforward or sudden events, making this difficult to forecast. It requires correct, consistent action in the long term to see any form of weight loss or fat burn in the long run around the upper arm. It is generally advised to employ arm muscles a lot in our daily lives for natural muscular conditioning and strengthening to raise the metabolic rate to replace fat loss. To lose fat, you must burn more calories than you ingest. 

It is also important to note that everyone’s path to fitness is unique, so have a little patience with yourself. The fat did not get there in one day, so the only way spontaneous reduction can happen is via surgery, and even that is not so spontaneous as preparation and downtime will be required. Depending on your current exercise level, food, and genetics, losing arm fat might take some time. Stress, exercise, diet, sleep, and other things, including hormones, can have a role in determining how soon the weight sheds off. There are two ways you can lose fat in the upper arm: surgical and non-surgical.


According to Stephanie Mendez, a registered dietician, the truth is that there is nothing you can do about your DNA and hormones regarding how your body deals with fat, and spot reduction is not an option as it just does not work. Rather than worrying about arm fat, adopting a healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle is the way to go. You’ll get far better results in the arm region this way. You will naturally lose fat in every inch of your body, especially around your arms, by combining a balanced diet with high-intensity intermittent cardio and strength training exercises. 

Additionally, if you engage in the right exercises, you’ll put on muscle to tighten up and fill out your arms. Remember when we did the under-arm giggle exercise at the beginning? When we see the underarm jiggle, this is the region controlled by the triceps. In some cases, if a lack of muscle causes the jiggle or looseness in that area of your arm, then bulking up on muscle and strengthening your triceps will also affect how attractive plus lean that area looks. Push-ups, extensions, and dips for the triceps are exercises that help define that region and add some muscle definition. 

Exercising helps attain a calorie deficit simpler. If you experience a calorie deficit and are shedding fat overall, part of that will be in the arms.

Other ways to lose upper arm fat without surgery include:

  • Hydrate yourself repeatedly. 

Create a routine of drinking water all day. According to Harvard Health, water aids many important body processes, including digestion. However, moderation is key.

  • Avoid sugary beverages.

Sugary drinks increase calorie intake; they do not add any nutrients to meals, making maintaining a calorie deficit or low-calorie intake rate more difficult. Therefore, substitute them for fruit-infused water or perhaps try reducing the amount of coke or Pepsi each afternoon.

  • Get lots of adequate sleep.

Research from 2021 found that while getting a proper quantity of sleep is vital, you need also consider the quality of your sleep if you want to lose weight and burn fat. According to a study, in addition to sleeping for at least seven hours each night, you should strive for a regular bedtime and deep, undisturbed sleep.

  • Eat a lot of fiber

More fiber in your diet can keep you feeling fuller for longer, reducing the need for regular snacks. This can reduce the overall calories you take each day and aid in weight loss. The key is to reduce your calorie consumption.

  • Consider using weights.

Use weights to tone your arms in addition to exercising. If you’re new to strength training, don’t be scared. You don’t need to use a lot of weight; a modest set of five pounds is fine, or even less if necessary. Muscle development in this region is the aim. Don’t give up if you don’t notice any effects in a week or a month. Keep in mind that it will take time to see any outcomes.

Remember to talk to a health practitioner about what your needs are before delving deeply into trying to lose too much weight. Get guidance on the diet and exercises to engage in for maximum results. Now let’s explore the non-surgical ways to lose upper arm fat.


A surgical upper arm lift is cosmetic surgery, often called a Brachioplasty. It cures drooping underarms by eliminating excess fat, tightening and smoothing tissue, and lowering extra skin. Your upper arms may appear more defined and toned as a result. Sagging skin is a condition influenced by heredity, aging, and excessive weight loss in extreme cases. There are a few things to consider when getting an arm lift, regardless of what’s causing your jiggly arms. 

Getting ready for an arm lift.

There are a few measures to ensure that your arm lift goes as smoothly and with great results as possible in the weeks and months before surgery. Quitting smoking between one and two months before surgery (and altogether) is one of them, as this can significantly lower your chance of problems. Sluggish wound healing is a common problem with surgery, as it raises your exposure to infection and is a frequent smoking-related consequence. Create a tobacco cessation strategy with the help of your medical consultant before your procedure.

As with all surgeries, you will receive a pre-surgery evaluation from your doctor a few weeks before your arm lift. Examining your current health and medical history can determine whether you are healthy enough for surgery. This is also a fantastic opportunity to discuss any worries or issues you may have with your doctor.

If you want Brachioplasty, be informed that there will be a noticeable scar from the elbow to the armpit. Do not undergo the procedure unless you are okay with the scar or can cover it up with clothing. However, according to this article, if expertly done, “If the midpoint is set appropriately, it is possible to minimize the scars seen from the anterior or posterior direction when the patient is standing still .”This can need a change in clothing, but most of the time, the advantage of getting rid of extra skin exceeds the problem of having a scar for most people.

Regarding the Brachioplasty.

To mark the region of extra skin before surgery, the patient is either standing or sitting. The surgeon removes the extra skin while the patient is unconscious under anesthesia. Typically, the excised portion has a triangular or elliptical form. Some fat is still there to cover and safeguard the nerves and arteries. To provide a smooth outcome, the surgeon will occasionally use liposuction. The surgeon stitches the incision up after removing the extra skin and fat. On rare occasions, the surgeon may apply a drain to aid healing.


You must pay close attention and follow all your surgeon’s directions. This will accelerate your recovery and advancement toward your new physical look. Also, wear helpful clothing like control sleeves to aid your healing, and control the arm measurements to give you a lean figure around the upper arms. Additionally, you must attend all follow-up sessions so your surgeon can evaluate your long-term outcomes and address any queries or worries.


Though several treatments like CoolSculpting and liposuction can be combined to give you the lean arms you desire, the final choice on the best treatment is up to your physician. Your medical practitioner will consider every option vis-à-vis your current state of health before advising on any treatment or combination of treatments. But whatever the outcome, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and actively maintaining a calorie deficit with a balanced diet in terms of nutrients is the best way to achieve weight loss to get those lean arms of your dreams. 

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