Bodysuit: Re-invent Your Look Plus Cute Styling Tips

Bodysuit: Re-invent Your Look Plus Cute Styling Tips

Bodysuits, bodysuits! So much potential but not enough publicity. Bodysuits are like the last child in a family of so many siblings. People see you but nobody seems to listen to you (apologies to all the last-born out there). The issue is a lot has been said and is known about waist trainers and cinchers but not so much about how useful and awesome bodysuits can be in helping you re-invent your body and style.

As one-piece wonders, bodysuits provide support, flexibility, and diverse style possibilities. Bodysuits are awesome to include in your wardrobe, from professional to sexy—but how do you wear one? Plus, what styling tips can you incorporate with your bodysuits to completely rock your outfit?

What are Bodysuits?

A bodysuit is a one-piece article of clothing that resembles a one-piece swimsuit or leotard but is used differently due to its design, fabric, and cutting. A bodysuit’s top half is similar to the other top you possess, with endless design possibilities depending on your preference (from a traditional t-shirt to a work-friendly blouse to a sensual deep v-neck cut to a sexy off-shoulder), while the bottom section is an accompanying panty that covers your v-section, and thighs in some designs.

This one-piece form-fitting or skin-tight clothing covers the torso and crotch, as well as the legs, hands, and feet. It is should not be mistaken as a swimsuit. A simple bodysuit is comparable in style and form to a one-piece swimsuit and a leotard, however, the fabrics mostly differ.

What is not to love about a bodysuit? 

These bad boys have several appealing features. Wear it as a turtleneck, cami, basic tee, or blouse but it won’t work as a crop top. It comes in a range of weights, fits, styles, and materials. Furthermore, it comes with the added bonus of tucking in seamlessly to any trousers or skirts you choose to pair with it. It’s also adaptable, and due to its usefulness, it can be considered as cheap as your favourite jeans.

Most bodysuits have compression from the shoulders to the crotch to boost or play up your curves, which is highly relevant with low-cut necklines. They may pull you in, raise you up, and serve as the ideal base layer for any ensemble!

How Do I Put on a Bodysuit?

First and foremost, Do you like a neatly tucked-in shirt or a seamless look, especially around the love handles? Bodysuits are designed to tackle this problem: to put an end to the constant tucking and re-tucking. Say goodbye to irritating wrinkles or cloth folding and being trapped around your waistline.

Second, bodysuits make blending simple. Usually basic in design, you may use them beneath sweaters, jackets, suits, or blazers to complete ensembles without much thought.

You can pair bodysuits with jeans, slacks, skirts, and shorts—in fact, every bottom in your closet or you can think of can be worn with a bodysuit. Bodysuit clothes might be casual, professional, sophisticated, or sexual. Think basic shapes in flexible materials for a grab-and-go appearance when going casual with your bodysuit. Striped or other traditional bodysuits can be nicely paired with denim shorts.

How to Re-invent Your Style with Bodysuits?

While some tips have been given in the section above, Let’s expand a little more. Bodysuits may be worn on their own as a fashion statement or as an accompanying item. Pair your bodysuit with denim, skirts, shorts, or office pants to create ensembles for various situations.  However, this hardworking object necessitates some thinking. Here are some things to think about while selecting a bodysuit for a lady:

    • Bodysuits function as a blank slate for your body. Some offer a smooth layer that may be worn beneath a jacket or cardigan and/or embellished. 
    • Black and white, colours plus their variants are very adaptable, taking your attention away from the bodysuit and making the item on top or bottom “shine.”
    • Want a more defined waistline? Bodysuits are your go-to if you cannot wear waist trainers. They can help to define your waist. Nobody is fooled by blouses and baggy clothing. This may seem illogical, however smooth layer, such as a bodysuit, gives shape, definition, and proportion that bulkier tops do not.
    • Bodysuits deceive the sight. A bodysuit with drapery or tulle adds softness and gives a really attractive aesthetic. 
    • No need to tuck bodysuits in. For hours, a bodysuit is designed to keep everything clean, and tucked in, while maintaining an elegant silhouette. No fiddling around with untucked edges or anything else.
    • Need to manage love handles or muffin tops? Bodysuits can conceal rather than accentuate muffin tops. Bodysuits smooth rolls and draw attention to the upper body when worn with high-waisted slacks or jeans. 
    • Know your body shape. Then play with bodysuit styles and pairings that accentuate body areas you are trying to show off. From off-shoulder styles, to strap hand styles to short or long sleeves to round necks and V-neck styles, there is something to suit every body shape.
    • Always need a cami for your suits and jackets? Switch the camisole up with a bodysuit. Maintain an all-day neat put together look.

P.S.: Always pair with an appropriately sized skirt or trousers. Remember that the problem might be the slacks or dress you’re wearing, not the bodysuit. A voluminous skirt or high-waisted pants is frequently the solution.

Bodysuits And Undergarments: The Challenge?

At the store, we get this question a lot. And your concern is valid.  Is it necessary to wear underwear when it comes to undergarments? What is the solution for possible VPL? In answer to the first question; you most likely do not need a pant or panties with a bodysuit.  A bodysuit is shaped like a panty plus, for vaginal health, you won’t be needing an extra layer of fabric. 

There are full-coverage choices of bodysuits, but to avoid the dreaded VPL, (visible panty lines) the G-string version is strongly recommended. This results in a clean, no visible line smooth finish. But If the bodysuit isn’t composed of breathable cotton or mesh, you should wear underwear.  Another solution for VPL is to purchase the seamless version of the bodysuit.

Aah! The elephant in the room! How do you use the little girls’ room(toilet)? The good news is most bodysuits come with velcro clips or easy buttons in the crotch to allow you easily free yourself to do your business in the loo, without worrying about splashes or accidents.

Finally, the other troubling issue is the nipples or the breast management in a body suit. Do you wear a bra with a bodysuit? It is entirely dependent on the style. The brilliance of bodysuits is that many designs may be worn with your regular bra. How about the problematic off-the-shoulder or backless options? Numerous bodysuits are slim-fitting and have a compression-like fit that enables you to wear them without a bra. If you want a little additional coverage, nipple covers are a simple option, and sticky bras offer form and comfort.

Key takeaway, 

With bodysuits, you can rest easy and not have to fidget about your clothes anytime or place. While waist trainers can help you look snatched, they can become uncomfortable very fast especially if you are wearing the wrong size. This is not the case for bodysuits. Plus, you can wear them for as long as possible. 

As usual, owning one piece of this multi-purpose outfit isn’t a great plan, instead experiment with designs, colours and fabrics. Don’t take our word for it, go ahead and try it out yourself. You will be amazed. Here’s to a fashionable new you.

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