Waist Trainer Care 101 – All You need to Know.

Waist Trainer Care 101 – All You need to Know.

Wearing a waist trainer benefits you in so many ways, no one can count. Among its most popular benefits are an hourglass silhouette, better posture and back support and improved self-confidence. When something offers you so many benefits, it is only natural that you treasure it and care for it. 

Waist trainer care is a major factor in determining how long it’s going to last. Without proper care, it will lose its performance sooner than you imagined. 

Waist trainers are meant for regular usage and – a lot of people wear their trainers while working out – hence the need to clean them up often. You should know that all the perspiration on the waist trainers will cause them to start smelling awful if you don’t give them proper washing regularly. 

I will guide you on the steps to cleaning a waist trainer effectively but I must first tell you that it is not advisable to put your waist trainer in a washing machine or a machine dryer. A lot of waist trainers are made from latex material and they contain steel bones. 

Most waist trainers contain a material called Neoprene which lines the trainer. Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that maintains its flexibility over a wide variety of temperature ranges. Neoprene is a very delicate material which is why it’s important not to put it in a machine washer and dryer.

For thorough waist trainer care, you need various items, including a soft cloth and mild shampoo or shower soap. You also need some warm water in a basin. These items are all you need for cleaning up your waist trainer. 

More on Detergent  

Some detergents contain dyes, alcohol, bleach or fragrances. All of these could damage your waist shaper, it is strongly advised that you not use regular detergents.  If you still desire to use detergent, opt for an all-natural or a mild detergent. You can use body wash, gentle shampoo, and/or baby shampoo instead.

How to wash then? Chill, I’ll tell you 

To start, dip the soft cloth in the warm water infused with some mild shampoo and lather it up. Massage the cloth a little to soften it up further before using it on the waist trainer. After that, soap it up and rub gently on your waist trainer.

Since most waist trainers are made of latex, you need to be gentle to prevent damaging the fabric. Although latex is a very strong material, which gives the best compression you need, if you are not careful when cleaning your waist trainer, it can be easily damaged, so please wash it carefully. 

You should wipe every visible surface of the shapewear while occasionally dipping the cloth in the soapy water. After that, rinse the washcloth in clean water and begin to wipe down your waist trainer. Ensure that you wipe it thoroughly so that there is no soapy residue left on it.

Drying the waist trainer 

After wiping all residue off, you should hang the waist trainer up to dry. Do NOT wring it! It is advisable to drip dry it on the clothing line, preferably in a well-ventilated area. The garment should be dry before you begin to wear it again. If the waist trainer is not dry to your touch, then please be a bit more patient, because only when it is completely dry should it be worn.

Alternate Method of Waister Trainer Care 

There is always another option albeit riskier than the other stated above. Here is a step by step guide:

  • Fill a bucket with soapy lukewarm water.
  • Insert the waist trainer allowing it to soak up almost all of the water. Dunk it up and down a few times. 
  • Replace the soapy water with fresh water for rinsing and repeat steps one and two for the rinsing process.

Do not Iron

Another very important tip you need to be aware of if you want your precious waist trainer to last longer is to avoid using the iron especially if you are using a 100% latex waist trainer, which will completely melt if a hot iron is used.


Make sure your waist trainer is completely dry before storing it. You don’t want any mould or mildew growing in it. Also, don’t wear it when it’s wet unless you’d get a rash. To maintain its shape, it’s advisable to lay shapewear flat in a drawer or closet where it isn’t exposed to light. Do not attempt to roll it up either. Hanging it using clothespins or special lingerie hangers is also an option.

Alternate your waist trainer regularly: Purchase two core training waist trainers and alternate them daily so that each corset gets to rest between each wear. This will make your trainer last longer too. 

Waist trainers are quite effective for developing a beautiful hourglass shape and as such, have helped thousands of ladies around the world to create appealing silhouettes. It is not advisable to clean your shapewear every time after wearing it and you can use the trainer a couple of times between washes, but it is necessary to clean the garment regularly so they keep their compression and shape. 

Biko, follow all these directions of waist trainer care so that you can use it for a long time without losing its performance in the slightest. With these simple guidelines I’ve been kind enough to state above, you can wear your waist trainer all day, every day without any fear of foul odour or damage.

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