4 Reasons You Should Consider Waist Training for Good Posture

4 Reasons You Should Consider Waist Training for Good Posture

If you ask a group of 10 people the advantages of a waist trainer, the average answer might veer toward the cosmetic benefits. This isn’t incorrect because waist trainers are primarily well-known for providing that superior change to one’s body. 

Oh, I know that excitement that comes with wearing one! However, aside from perfecting your contours and curves, you might be surprised to learn that there are loads of other amazing benefits. One of the lesser-known benefits of wearing shapewear and waist trainers, in particular, is how it can help switch up your posture game while you wear them.

Over the long term, poor posture can cause chronic back pain, which as any sufferer can tell you, affects pretty much everything you do and lowers your quality of life. 

Let’s give you some more insight into why you should take the correct posture seriously:

Because bad posture increases pressure on your neck, back and shoulders, it, in turn, leads to muscle pain because of lack of adequate support.

When you sit or stand poorly, your body is constantly bending forward, your lungs will be significantly affected. This will lead to a reduction in breathing efficiency.

Bad posture can also weaken the digestive system, making you more likely to get acid reflux and hernia. This can lead to constipation and metabolic issues.

According to Research, poor posture can increase stress and anxiety, which can lead to depression. This may also cause low self-confidence and low-productivity at work. 

Fatigue: Your body naturally should be in an upright position so when you’re constantly slouched over, it consumes a lot of energy and in turn leads to fatigue.

The consequences of bad posture are worrying, but the advantages of good posture for the good of your overall health can never be overemphasized:

Once your posture improves, the pressure on your spine and other joints will be reduced, and your digestion will improve. When your spine is aligned correctly, you can do any physical activity better. Meanwhile, you will witness a significant improvement in your energy levels.

What then, Is The Best Way To Fix Your Posture?

Here are a few ways you can incorporate good posture-support habits in your everyday life.

  • Don’t sit at a desk for too long: You will alleviate the pressure on your back by getting up and moving around every few minutes.
  • Use good chairs that can support your back.
  • Incorporate workout: Start hitting the gym to strengthen your core.
  • Lose some weight: The more you weigh, the more difficult it is to hold good posture.
  • Wear posture-supporting garments like a waist trainer.

Of course, I won’t just say this and go. I will explain what I mean.

The waist trainer/corset is the most effective solution for improving your posture. Re-aligning your spine is not just a benefit of the waist trainer corset, but it is one of the most effective solutions to this recurring bad posture issue. 

How, exactly, does a waist trainer help you accomplish this? If you’re interested in wearing a waist trainer for posture, among other goals, here’s everything you need to know.

It makes you instantly erect 

Whether you slouch when you walk or while sitting at your desk at work, your slouchy spine could be a major source of lower back pain. Your spine is somewhat bendable, and keeping it straight takes a lot of work. Employing the help of steel boning to hold it in place and provide lumbar support works faster.

When you wear a steel boned waist trainer, your support garment acts as an instant erector, forcing you to sit straight and stand tall. This immovable force holds your spine straight whether you’d like it to or not, thus ensuring you enjoy better posture and improvement to back pain as a result.

You indirectly exercise when you wear

I used to wonder why people wore waist trainers to do simple exercises like running, skipping or jogging – well until I got schooled anyway!

The truth is your waist trainer forces you to keep your torso upright, therefore, your abdominal muscles will naturally have to work a little harder each day as opposed to the ease of slouching. Over time, they’ll start to grow stronger, providing more support for your spine and internal organs and resulting in better posture whether you’re wearing your trainer or not.

The key to good posture and a healthy spine is keeping it from rounding forward while sitting. Our spine needs to keep its elongated shape to maintain good disc health and prevent muscles from becoming tense and stiff. A good quality waist trainer will align with your spine to keep it in the right position while you sit at your desk. 

While you majorly purchase your waist trainer to slim your waist and contour your body, there are far more benefits to be gotten from a waist trainer. To enjoy better posture and reduced back pain, you should commit to a long-term waist training regimen. Trust me, I sabi wetin I dey talk!

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