Bra Bulge – Tips to Get Rid of the Unsightly Bulge

Bra Bulge – Tips to Get Rid of the Unsightly Bulge

“Oh no … you’ve got a major case of bra bulge!” This is a usual reaction to seeing the layers of fat hanging over the back bra clasp and on the sides. The straps and buckle look enveloped in endless folds of flesh and fat. Staring at your front breast line feels horrendous as you can’t bear to feel like you are staring at more than two breasts.

Your armpits are almost non-existent as you stare at a protruding pound of fat looking like a mini-breast; worse still, it’s on both sides of your armpit. Now you are considering kissing goodbye to that special outfit that used to do justice to your curves, that outfit that only comes out once a year.

Does this sound familiar? Welcome to the world of womanhood! Especially if you are overweight or at that age when the estrogen levels are beginning to wane. Bra bulge is one of those nightmares almost every woman hates but can’t seem to avoid altogether. You wake up one morning; you peer in the mirror, and BAM! There it is – bra bulge.

Bra Bulge Definition and Causes?

According to the experts at Washingtonian Plastic Surgery, “Bra bulge is most commonly the result of loose skin, armpit fit, or excess breast tissue. In some cases, bra bulge may be the result of all of these factors combined”. This bulge tends to occur in the most unlikely of places:
Under your arms.

    • At your shoulders.
    • Alongside your back.
    • More petite looking boobs along your bust line.
    • The best treatment choice to reduce or eliminate the appearance of bra bulge varies.

In some cases, the cause will determine the treatment style. You will need to consult with your physician about your options if you are deeply disturbed by them. Though like Back fat, Bra bulges are challenging to eliminate, plus, spot reduction is not an option. There are varying causes of this issue.

    • Poor or lose muscle tone.
    • Loose axillary breast tissue.
    • Poorly fitting bra.
    • Poor Diet.
    • Lack of Exercise

Apart from muscle tone, breast tissue, diet and exercise, the main culprit for the nuisance of bra bulge is an ill-fitting bra! Now we all know how a poor diet and lack of exercise can impact the amount and location of fat deposits in the body. Sometimes these deposits get stored in and around the breast area as well. However, it is easy to forget that your bra choices can negatively impact the overall look of your ensemble.

Poor Fitting or Incorrect Bra

​Depending on your search, most of the information you come across on the internet concerning bra bulge will focus on diet choices, certain body types or lack of exercise as the root cause of the problem.

But, this is by no means a complete list. Did you know that a statistic says over 80% of women are not wearing the correct fitting bra? This statistic might shock you, but it is true. So you might begin to understand why it is crucial to be sure you are wearing the correct fitting bra.

Suppose you are to combat this menace. This article focuses on how getting the right fitting bra can get you started on your path to eliminating bra bulges.

​How to Know You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra

You might want to know naturally if you are not wearing the correct fitting bra? It’s a lengthy discussion, so there will be another article strictly on bra sizes and fitting. For clarity on solving the bra bulge, let’s concentrate on a checklist to help you identify if you are wearing an ill-fitting bra.

    • Check Your Bra Band Fit

The elastic band of your bra must fit snugly, not tightly, on your ribcage, while the frontal sits on your sternum (the frontal is the little divot on your chest where your breasts come to a V-shape.)

    • Check Your Bra Cup Size

​This is another indicator of an ill-fitting bra. Bra bulge can occur due to an incorrect cup size. Plus, if the cup’s cloth tightens ​or cuts into your boobs, then your cup size might be too small.

    • Re-examine Your Bra Style

There are varying styles of bras and cups to accommodate the variety of women’s breast shapes and sizes. As such, this is where a majority of the confusion happens. If your bra’s underwire or band bites into your sides/armpit area, this can lead to an unwanted bra bulge.

If the thinner bands and​ or straps are pinching into your sides /shoulders, thus creating a bra bulge, you are definitely wearing the wrong bra style and size for your boob type.

    • Check How Your Bra Straps Fit

​Another way to avoid the bra bulge look is your straps should sit snugly on top of your shoulders at a 90-degree angle to your top bra band and not dig into nor fall and pinch at your sides. Your bra band is designed to be responsible for supporting your boobs. Don’t transfer the responsibility of your bands to your straps.

​Solutions: How to Fix Bra Bulge?

​So here is the good news, YES! It is possible to get rid of the bra bulge and reclaim your confidence in your looks and whatever outfit you want, especially that special one. Though it will be a tough, hard road, you can do it, and we are rooting for you! WOO-HOO!

So, we have mentioned other factors that might be causing the bulge; the question is, how do you fix this stubborn issue? Do bras exist that eliminate bra bulge and offer a minimizing look to back fat? Are there additional issues besides bra choices that help to reduce undesirable bulges, bumps, lumps, and ripples?

Don’t we all wish we could Photoshop out the bra bulge? Sadly, it is not that simple. Plus, thinking this way won’t help. Instead, we advise that a better plan of action will be to consult your physician and find out what solution better suits you. Do you want to try Liposuction or Coolsculpting or a more permanent long term approach that better influences your overall health?

To follow this part, you will need to learn how to work with your specific body shape, type and size. Let’s run through a few solutions which can help get you back out there with your confidence and beautiful silhouette.

​Rework Your Diet

​As we have established over and over, excess carbs don’t help you slay! Yes, you can’t and don’t need to remove them totally from your diet. However, you must be mindful of how much you’re eating, even in different ways throughout the day.

Our Pro-tip? Try to plan out your healthy snacks ahead of time. These should include fruits and vegetables. Never look at a chip, French fry, or any carb related food twice! In addition, try to eliminate sugar raw or refined, binge snacking etc., you take throughout the day. This way, you don’t overindulge and can beat the sugar cravings over time.

Exercise is Your Friend.

This cannot be ignored. No matter your size, or age range, our bodies are structured to carry weight differently. Remember, weight and skin elasticity change over time. For your bra bulge to completely disappear and in tandem with the use of your correct bras, the engagement of exercise cannot be overemphasized.

A complete body exercise regimen can help tone and tighten the bra bulge problem areas.

Buy Bras that Eliminate or Reduce Bra Bulge

So now you understand what to look for in a bra. Beyond getting the right size bra, let’s look at great ways to help reduce the presence of bra bulge. This involves choosing the correct style of bra for you! How liberating it feels to have those ladies tucked in snugly and comfortably without any pinches?

You can do this by measuring not only your breast cup size and chest circumference but also discovering your specific boob type​. Long story short, certain styles better suit your specific boob shape. Some different styles suit different boob types, from a bra that closes in the front to a push-up bra that can hide back fat.

These different styles combined with your efforts will work with you, not against you. Here are a few general top classifications and top style contenders to consider when “fighting Bra bulge.”

Wide Straps and Wide Band?

Are you blessed with bigger boobs? Or are you looking for a style with maximum smoothing effect? Then meet your new favs! Wide straps will allow the bra to sit balanced right on your ribcage. The straps will provide the much-needed support without the hassle of digging into your shoulders.

Wide bands styles are known to give great support at the same time offer maximum smoothing features. The wide bands and support have a directly proportional relationship: the wider the bands, the more built-in support. Though wider bands provide more support, go for slimming fabric plus more hook and eye closures to enhance the smoothening and flattening effect.

Finally, many wide bands also come with side boning that helps to sharpen and flatten around your sides and underarms. A well-made quality bra with wider straps and bands naturally helps to flatten you out a bit.

Bras with Front Closure

​Front closure bras do wonders for a wide variety of boob types. This is because they have the clasp in the front by your breastplate or sternum. This style is perfect for extra smooth back profiles since there is no hook or eye closures or a clasp of any kind in the back.

​Also, with the frontal clasp, there is a reduction in horizontal pulling on your back. This one effect can reduce the occurrence of bumps or folding of bra fabric. Bras that commonly have front closures are the sports bra design types or some push-up types.

Partial Underwire or Demi Bras

​​Ladies with wider chest circumference though smaller breasts also have a solution in partial underwire or demi styles. Most demi-cup bras design has a partial tilt, which helps tilt the breast tissue towards your centre-line. Wearing this bra gently pulls flesh from your sides, smoothening out any bulge.

If you have a broader set boob, go for a partial underwire bra (or a bra with no underwire!) to reduce the pushing into the armpit.

Finally, the easiest solution to solving the menace of bra bulge is to investigate the root causes for it. You already know that good exercise and a great diet are not the only ways to get rid of bra bulge and back fat. You also must understand that wearing the correct size, type, and bra is another way to this dangerous bra bulge issue.

Beautiful woman, research on your boob and upper body shape. This will help you make the right choices to control the bulge while working internally to get and maintain the desired result. Ensure to try out different styles available; your final choice must be the correct style bra for your boobs.

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