Thermage – The Facial Tightening Solution to Facial Skin Wrinkling

Thermage – The Facial Tightening Solution to Facial Skin Wrinkling

No one understands the psychological effects of facial wrinkles like the African woman. With the intensity of the weather, it’s a wonder we don’t have a sunscreen factory per mile radius, but let’s not digress. Facial skin wrinkling or sagging is not a respecter of race, age, or gender, and everyone at some point has to face them.

With the spike in facial skin care treatments, one would think wrinkling or sagging skin should have become a forgotten issue by now. Not that facial wrinkling is a debilitating issue, and you are not under any compulsion to make them disappear from your face. Notwithstanding, deep down, you crave a smooth drawn facial tone without any lines or bags. As we all, albeit secretly. You are not alone. 

If you have started seeing the dreaded lines or sagging on your face or body and desire a semi-permanent solution that does not involve daily slathering on facial products, – you might want to look into in-office skincare solutions. One of which is Thermage. Facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists tout Thermage as one of the skin-tightening best anti-aging rejuvenation treatments in their toolkit. Let’s give the juicy details we have gathered regarding this treatment.

What is Thermage?

Thermage is a facial skincare in-office treatment with FDA approval administered by a device that utilizes radiofrequency energy to give different anti-aging beauty solutions. (Breathes) A mouthful, right? The FDA approves the treatment to help alleviate skin wrinkling and sagging issues. It is the only skin tightening device used to tighten the skin around the eyelids.

Fancy being able to take care of your wrinkle trouble with a few visits to the doctors? Then read on.

According to Polder KD, Bruce S., a facial plastic surgeon in North America, – “Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deeper layers in the skin and thus stimulate collagen production and improve laxity in the jowls, cheeks, neck, buttocks, abdomen, eyelids, hands, and extremities,

One of the advantages of the treatment is it is non-invasive. Its function is in two facets. First, the device uses heat on the deep collagen-high areas of the skin. Then, the device’s tip vibration causes a cooling sensation on the epidermis, bringing about patient comfort. The effects of the procedure are natural-looking with no incisions, and these effects include less visible wrinkles and bags.

Benefits of Thermage

A 2019 study by Pink L, D J. showed that this is also the most effective treatment in decreasing surface area around the neck among the three different procedures tested. Some of the benefits of the treatment include;

  • Skin smoothening.
  • Face and body contour improvement.
  • No recovery or downtime.
  • Youthful look appearance promotion.
  • Skin tightening.
  • Non-invasive treatment.

How does Thermage Work?

Thermage functionality is based on a device with tissue or skin tightening non-invasive properties that were a popular concept in the 2010s. Although, when it was first introduced, the energy delivery caused the patients massive unacceptable pain levels that an in-office set-up could not handle. The device focuses on radiofrequency, which causes initial collagen contraction and destruction via mechanical and biochemical pathways. The energy delivered penetrates the deep dermal and subcutaneous fat layers without causing any damage to the epidermis. Due to this energy delivered deep into the skin, the collagen is remodeled, resulting in tissue and skin tightening.

In recent years, with more tech advancements, the new thermage device, in its simplest form, uses monopolar RF energy in delivering heat to dermal tissues, which also includes the fibrous fat layer of the skin. The device consists of tips for the body and eye treatment plus a handpiece for only massaging cellulite. The cellulite massage with RF delivery is a more recent addition to the modern-day thermage features. 

The new Comfort Plus Technology (CPT) tip was developed to deliver massage using the Radiofrequency. This increases the speed of the procedure while ensuring it is more comfortable and bearable for the patient. As a result of these advancements, thermage treatments are now much more tolerated and take 45 mins to 1 hour for a session.

How Do You Prepare for The Treatment?

Thermage does not require any elaborate or special preparations to undergo the procedure. However, a visit to your doctor will provide further clarity or alternative opinion depending on your health status or the preliminary findings from your physician.

Whether or not you need to change your current beauty routine before the procedure is up to your dermatologists’ expert opinion. Many experts believe there is no need to stop previous beauty routines, but it better be safe than sorry. Talk to your dermatologist.

Also, if you have any implanted device like a pacemaker, you need to let your physician know about it. As the radiofrequency might interfere with the pacemaker and produce a disastrous outcome.

Possible Thermage Side Effects.

Some patients have reported a temporary redness in the treated areas plus minor swelling after the treatment that usually clears after 24hours. Some other reported side effects include: mild to moderate pain, skin pigment changes, minor lumps, burns, scabbing, edema, and scarring. However, these effects are temporary and will fade within a short period.

After the treatment, your skin might feel a little irritated but don’t panic. You won’t need any medications. If necessary and with your physician’s approval, you can apply some cosmetics to your face without any aftermath or fear. Most importantly, there is no downtime required for the treatment.

It is expedient that patients of the treatment are reasonable with their expectations of the extent of the results. It is reported to take three to six months to achieve the best results. While you get the treatment, go about your daily routine as usual with healthy lifestyle adjustments and the inclusion of regular use of sunscreen daily.

Key Takeaway,

The experts view thermage as the last bust-stop for achieving younger-looking skin, and it is wildly well-received as the all-in-one solution to dealing with wrinkles and mild to moderate sagging skin of people of all ages. Be that as it may, it is best to discuss your desires and expectations with an expert practitioner. They are best positioned to advise on the best route to achieving your goals.

Please note that this treatment cannot be used to replace a facelift surgery where necessary. Again, talk to your physician about your needs and expectations. If in doubt, ask to see before and after pictures of your doctor’s work on other thermage patients. 

Before and after the procedure, follow a strict healthy lifestyle that includes a great diet and an exercise routine. While you take care of your face, you also want to ensure that your entire body gets the proper nutrition and energy. Do not forget to pair your facial care efforts with our fabulous shape wears and body suits and watch the years slide off like melted butter to reveal the youthful you. 

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