Back Fat are Gradually Becoming a Menace. Let’s Take You through How to Beat It

Back Fat are Gradually Becoming a Menace. Let’s Take You through How to Beat It

While a good number of us have trouble making our belly flatter, other people can’t make their back fat disappear no matter how hard they try. Popularly known as a “bra bulge”, back fat is that rather frustrating tub of fat that clings to the back muscles and creates a noticeable fold of skin above the waistline or a bulge that peeks out of a bra band and sometimes, strap.

Understanding the Focus Area of your Back Fat

Before we look extensively into what you can do to get rid of back fat, we must consider where yours is located as this will determine how you lose the fat in that area. 

  • Upper back fat – this is the area just below the neck where you notice that there is excess fat spilling over your bra strap. Hold up!!! Just before you begin in thinking you have too much upper back fat, check that you are wearing the right size bra before thinking you have too much upper back fat.
  • Mid-back fat – To know you have excess fat in your mid-back, you’d have tubs of fat around that area.
  • Lower back top fat – this is the area just above your pants and hips. This is called a muffin top’ or love handles and fat will be spilling over your jeans if you have excess fat here.

You should note that the best way to locate the focus area to target is to stand facing away from a mirror with another mirror or your phone over your shoulder checking out the reflection of your back. 

Side tips: Why shouldn’t you track your progress? 

Track it by taking before and after photos so you can gloat all you want later. 

Now, here are some tips to help reduce those back fat.
Wearing wide side coverage bras

The truth? Bras with wider sides are not only the most comfortable and gives the best support, they definitely hide those underarm fats away. Research has found that this is the most effective in covering those backside fats. 

Opting for underwire bras

You’d find that wearing underwire bras while waist training is also effective in making you look good overall. A lot of breastfeeding women have said that it can be quite uncomfortable because the added weight of the milk-producing breasts makes it difficult to wear a waist trainer and an underwire bra at the same time. You may alternate both- wear your bra for support and the other day, take a break from the underwire bra and wear your waist trainer. 

Wearing a sleeveless or tube top before wearing your waist cincher.

Wearing a light tank top before putting on the waist cincher serves two purposes. To protect your skin from reacting to the waist trainer if you have sensitive skin and to hide and in the long run, reduce those extra fats.

Moving the waist trainer farther up 

Your body type will guide you on this. If you are top-heavy, you can pull the waist cincher up to cover most of your upper body, in essence reducing the upper back fat. Also, you can pull it downwards to cover your FUPA if your belly fat is more on the bottom part of your body.

Again, we won’t leave out exercise and a proper diet

By now, I know you are tired of hearing this but I must say it. You are what you eat and the truth is making dietary changes and being more physically active will do your body so much good. Waist training and healthy eating is a hill everyone should be willing to die on. Do you even believe me? 

That you are reading this shows that you have decided to work on it. These tips will help start you on your journey but before that, enjoy your body, love up, on it and don’t let anyone make you feel you are less beautiful because of a few excess fats here or there. 

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