Latex Waist Trainer with Hooks or Without. Which Works Best?

Latex Waist Trainer with Hooks or Without. Which Works Best?

A latex waist trainer is a shapewear, which aids in reducing your waistline and hiding excess fat immediately. Waist training is a method which if practised dedicatedly over time, can remove permanent inches off your waist and help you achieve a curvy, more elegant silhouette.

But are there different kinds of waist trainers and do they perform the same functions? We’ll find out….

A latex waist trainer with a hook comprises 2 significant elements. First, it has a metal boning structure. Second, the use of a thick material wrapped around the structure. So you wrap the trainer around your waist and tighten it. Giving your body an hourglass shape.

The design is kept together with the help of a hook system. It is like a girdle but it’s much tighter than anything you’ve ever seen. Including shapewear that goes around the midsection.

Constructed with firm, supportive latex, waist trainers with hooks make your waistline look up to 3 sizes smaller while you wear the garment. You can wear it underneath any outfit, from everyday work attire to your most elegant occasion wear. 

Flat seams make the waist trainer virtually invisible underneath clothes. But it’s so sexy, you won’t mind showing it off. Some waist trainers with hooks also come with adjustable shoulder straps and cover your back for improved posture and extra support.

NB: Latex waist trainer without hooks on the other hand have Velcro straps for maintaining firmness. 

Let’s talk about the latex waist trainer without Hook 

The Velcro waist trainer is the perfect and comfortable trainer to maximize your workout. With an adjustable Velcro waist trainer, you get to be more in control of your compression levels when waist training as it is super easy to control how tight or lose you would like it to be!  

This sports waist trainer creates compression in your core, stimulates your thermal activity and ramps up perspiration – in the end, allowing toxins and impurities to exit the skin while mobilizing fat cells. Let me put it simply, this waist trainer helps ensure that your workout is working for you. 

The waist trainer itself is constructed from a latex core with a soft cotton exterior and interior lining. It sits at your waist, extending to the upper abdominals.  Things to note…

Both trainers help you eat healthily 

Waist trainers, by being snug and putting pressure on your abdomen muscles, can decrease appetite. You then feel fuller quicker which causes you to eat less.

Both latex waist trainers improve Posture and Confidence

Latex waist trainer helps you maintain the right posture while standing and sitting because the metal bones in waist trainers make it almost impossible for you to slouch. These also improve your position by providing the necessary support with your back needs while performing normal daily activities.

Both can give the appearance of a smaller waist 

The recommended time for maximum results is to wear up to 8 hours a day. Therefore with consistent use, the waist trainer will gradually compress your belly to create an hourglass figure. The key to this is to start with the correct size, and slowly move your way to a smaller size waist trainer.

Which should I use?

We’d recommend both latex waist trainer—for different reasons! Waist trainers with hooks can be worn during your daily activities (as long as your body doesn’t mind, of course!) but the lightweight flexibility that a waist trainer without a hook offers alongside the supportive and flexible impact on your most active days will make you want to own the two. 

However, we must reiterate that this all depends on your personal goals and preferences and what you find comfortable.

It’s apparent that, while a waist trainer can provide instant results in slimming and enhancing your figure, it, in the long run, will do a whole lot more. Not only will you love the way you look, but you’d also love how you feel.

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