Belly Pouch? Here’s How Vanquish Treatment Can Help You

Belly Pouch? Here’s How Vanquish Treatment Can Help You

There is always that one body part that gives you heartaches no matter the exercise hour and routines plus healthy eating lifestyles. For some it is the breasts, for some, it is the backside, for other people it is back fat but for most people, it is the belly and flanks. This can make the idea of dressing up in jeans of tight-fitting curvaceous dresses feel like a terrible idea no matter the occasion. Imagine you are able to simply eliminate stubborn abdominal fat without the stress of a workout or specialized expensive diets or any adverse effects on skin and other internal tissues with the added benefit of a side contour. Awesome right? 

While anyone can get rid of fat through conventional means, getting rid of the muffin top, and belly pouch and achieving the contoured silhouette is much more difficult. Let’s talk about the revolutionary fat-burning system called Vanquish. This second generation of contactless technology was developed to disrupt and trigger the explosion of fat cells. The beauty of this device isn’t just the loss of fat but the nice uniform contour that is achieved by using the U-shaped technology. 

Introducing Vanquish!

According to Dr Christopher Maloney Jr. “It’s the first aesthetic RF technology to emit an electromagnetic field over a large treatment area, which allows for the safe delivery of RF energy over the entire midsection.” Vanquish is an FDA-approved revolutionary, cutting-edge Selective Radiofrequency (RF) non-invasive therapy for body sculpting and fat removal. This treatment, in contrast to liposuction, uses targeted heating of fat tissue rather than surgery to reduce the circumference of the thighs and abdomen. Particularly in the thighs and belly, it is most efficient in reducing specific fat deposits and assisting you in achieving your desired form. Although the energy from Vanquish penetrates deeply into the fat layers, the device used during the process doesn’t come into contact with the skin, therefore the tissue above the fat layer is unaffected, making the operation safe for the top layer of skin. Vanquish is a ground-breaking innovation because it destroys fat cells without ever touching your body. It is the only non-contact RF body therapy currently available.

How Does It Function?

The procedure eliminates belly fat, releasing you from love handles or removing undesirable fat in the abdominal areas using the gentle force of radiofrequency radiation. The treatment also works on other areas of the body as recommended by your practitioner. When your fat tissues begin to warm up, Vanquish softly warms them, and as they do, they are painlessly eliminated. Unlike Coolsculpting, this treatment utilizes heat. Here is how it works:

    • Disruption of fatty cells through targeted heating of adipose tissue.
    • Leveraging proprietary Selective Radiofrequency (RF) technology, the Vanquish destroys fat cells in your body.
    • Unwanted fat cells are destroyed by heat energy, and the body’s lymphatic system then eliminates the dead cells.

As your damaged fat cells are reabsorbed into your body over time, you will develop a leaner and more chiselled figure. In deep tissue, radiofrequency waves have a thermal impact that leads to the natural death of fat cells (apoptosis), whose remnants the body’s lymphatic system may then remove. The fat is subsequently eliminated through the urine after being digested by the liver. Having no BMI restrictions, the device provides the greatest treatment area in the market, delivering an unmatched degree of patient comfort and safety. 

How Safe Is Vanquish?

By properly adjusting the RF frequency for the resistance of fat, the Vanquish may selectively target fat cells. There is almost little risk of scorching the skin, muscles, or internal organs since the Vanquish applicator-generator circuitry distributes energy precisely to tissue layers with appropriate impedance, directing the RF energy into the fat layer while preventing the transmission of high heat elsewhere. The Vanquish technique has undergone clinical testing and been approved, and this therapy has been supported by scientific studies. Plus, clinical research has demonstrated that receiving extra therapies can have positive effects.

Another advantage of Vanquish is that paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, a rare adverse effect of fat-freezing procedures like CoolSculpting that can occasionally cause unwelcome fat development after treatment, is not a concern. It doesn’t have a maximum BMI restriction, unlike other body-sculpting devices, therefore losing weight before the surgery is usually not essential.

Does Vanquish Fit Your Needs?

The Vanquish is exceptional because it can treat a huge surface area equally, swiftly, effectively, affordably, and pleasantly. Vanquish has the advantage of covering bigger regions in a shorter amount of time. The first benefit of Vanquish is that it doesn’t require skin contact. Second, it provides effective and efficient treatment for the patients by simultaneously treating the tummy and flank areas. Thirdly, rather than merely shrinking the size of fat cells, it causes real apoptosis (fat cells actually die). This treatment is best for subcutaneous fat. The best part? This elimination of the fat cells is permanent. It will not reincarnate. But as with all things in life, this is not a pass to go overboard with food and drinks. To maintain the results, a healthy, active lifestyle is important. It is best to start the health journey and be at a reduced BMI before embarking on this treatment, so it is easier to maintain. Although there are no restrictions if you are going to spend all that money better make the results more permanent. Right?

Does Vanquish Tighten Skin?

There have been reports on improvements in skin laxity and fat removal in regions treated with Vanquish. This research attributes it to RF thermal stimulation, which is believed to “result in a micro inflammatory process that promotes new collagen”. But it mostly concentrates on the fat layer. If tightening your skin is your first need, ask your doctor about a procedure that targets loose skin directly.

How Much Time Is Spent on Treatment?

Vanquish’s big applicator, which can treat broad portions of the body. This is another advantage. As a consequence, you’ll require fewer sessions to achieve your goals than you would with other non-surgical body shaping techniques. People will typically receive 4-session treatments for 4 weeks at a time, with one session each week. There is no downtime or specific post-procedure care required, so you may resume your normal activities immediately after each session, which lasts approximately 30 to 1 hour.

In conclusion

The desire for noninvasive techniques to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, shape the body, and reduce cellulite is always rising. So, you are not alone in your quest for a toned, firm midsection. Whatever your reasons are – it is valid. If what you need is to reduce tummy pouch, and skin laxity and smooth out uneven body contours, via minimally invasive, cost-effective treatments with less recovery time. Then Vanquish is the treatment for you no matter your current BMI. Remember, the results are not automatic. You will need time to allow your body to expel the disrupted fat and readjust. Exercise, healthy eating and the appropriate shapewear or cincher can help you achieve much better results. 

Before and while you plan to embark on the treatment ensure to stock up on quality shapewear. Who says you can’t slay and control the tummy pouch in quality Bodysuits or cinchers?  Cheers to the beautiful you!

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