Exilis – Fat Reduction Skin Tightening Treatment

Exilis – Fat Reduction  Skin Tightening  Treatment

The struggle against unwanted fat is real, especially around the stomach and other body parts. As the human body ages, the ability to produce elastin and collagen, which keep skin firm and luscious, begins to diminish. Though this is a general progression of life, it can be slowed down with a consistently great diet and a healthy lifestyle. At times, this can be easier said than done. The skin, (and especially) skin around the stomach will require help to gain or maintain a certain tight or flat look ‘that is to die for.’ Other skins tightening treatments exist – some of which we have discussed extensively in previous articles: from Thermage to CoolSculpting, etc. Simply put, it is a whole world of stomach skin tightening treatments, including creams, exercises, diet, and surgery, depending on your specific goals and fitness criteria. However, not all are equally successful. 

Do you struggle with fat around your belly area, lower abdomen, back, internal or external thighs, or buttocks? Or do you want to destroy that pesky muffin top? Perhaps you want to firm your stomach area? Here is a non-invasive treatment that works! Exilis. It’s a monopolar radiofrequency device that can help you lose surface fat, enhance collagen synthesis, and firm up your skin! Giving you the much-desired taut look. Read on; let’s get into the details.

What is the Exilis Radio Frequency Treatment?

Exilis Radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment uses heat energy to reduce fat cells while also triggering collagen remodeling, tightening of the skin, and fat loss. The device in its application also combines the therapeutic benefits of mechanical waves with precise heating and cooling, as well as actual monitoring of skin temperature in real-time. This continuous detection and control of the Radio Frequency flow enable the physician to achieve therapeutic temperatures in the shortest possible time, giving a consistent and desirable response while guaranteeing patient safety and comfort.

A 2017 research on the effectiveness of combining radiofrequency/ultrasound therapy discovered it to be responsive across the body, with visible improvements in more than 90% of before-and-after photographs. All research participants indicated satisfaction, no matter the target area of their therapy, face skin, or body fat deposits. To combat sagging skin issues, collagen and elastin are a necessity. Collagen is vital in forming a fibrous network on which the new cells can develop on the skin. 

Yes, we are born with an excess of collagen; however, we cease generating it in our mid to late twenties. Afterward, our collagen levels continuously decline by 1-2 percent every year, becoming apparent all over the body. Add that to environmental variables such as sun exposure, poor food choices such as excessive sugar consumption, pregnancy, and a general negligent or overly sedentary lifestyle – collagen becomes dry, brittle, and fragile. All of these influences contribute to aging skin. To see long-term effects, there is a need to address the fundamental issue: the deteriorating collagen. Hence the need for Elixis.

Clinical trials have demonstrated that this FDA-approved, non-invasive therapy improves skin laxity, reduces fat and muffin tops, offers full-thickness collagen remodeling, and encourages elastin generation. Heat eliminates damaged collagen and activates our body’s natural healing reaction, causing our collagen-producing cells to become more active.

Exilis RF Skin Tightening Therapy: What Are the Advantages?

Exilis is an FDA-approved non-anaesthetic in-office technique that has been experimentally shown to:

    • Eliminate any localized fat accumulation.
    • Help lower the treatment area’s total volume.
    • Enhance skin tightening.
    • Reduce the visibility of cellulite.
    • There is no discomfort and no anesthetic needed.
    • Recovery time is unnecessary.
    • Treatment is completed quite quickly.
    • Results are gradual and verifiable
    • Several impacts are evenly distributed.

In the words of Dr Alexander Gross, a foremost Exilis practitioner and expert, 

“I’m excited that Exilis allows us to easily treat our patients for problem areas of fat and loose skin. It is also relatively painless; thus, no local anaesthesia is required, and there is no downtime. Perhaps most importantly, the results appear to be impressive. After being treated, patients come back and ask for other areas to be treated, and they are recommending friends.”

Possible Dangers, Side effects, and Disadvantages of Exilis?

The most common risks and side effects of Exilis include erythema or redness, discomfort, and minor bruising in the days after therapy.

The therapy might also cause discomfort in sensitive areas such as the neck, jowls, inner arms, and inner thighs. If you begin to feel uncomfortable or in any pain, notify your provider so that the settings may be adjusted. Ensure the practitioner is certified or trained adequately; as with any thermal device, burns and scarring can occur if an inexperienced clinician or novice uses the device inappropriately or wrongly controls the probe. 

Smokers must check with their doctors or medical consultants before signing up for the treatment. Pregnant women and anyone with metallic or electronic body implants, such as pacemakers, are advised to avoid the procedure. This method is inappropriate for those with moderate to severe sagging skin or excess fat (nor are any other non-surgical skin tightening treatments). Talk to your medical consultant to determine a combination of procedures that can give your desired results over time.

Exilis requires multiple treatments, and it may take up to a year to see your ultimate results. This is because the benefits improve over time as new collagen is formed. Hence the need to maintain a great lifestyle and eat collagen-boosting foods. The effects can last around two years, so you should anticipate needing follow-up sessions later on.

Who Needs Stomach Skin Tightening Treatments?

Skin tightening around the stomach with Exilis is a successful therapy for anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight through exercise, lifestyle changes, or surgery. It is also effective for those facing drooping skin issues caused by aging, consistent stomach bloats, pregnancy, or inherited disorders. Naturally, some people are predisposed to having extra skin that is impossible to shrink back to normal. Other factors that impact this include the amount of weight gained and lost, excessive sun exposure, bad lifestyle behaviors, and skin condition. Rapid weight loss, in particular, upsets the system, and the skin’s suppleness cannot adjust fast enough.

While in operation, the Exilis warms the skin and underlying layers to encourage collagen formation. The heat from the device metabolizes the harmful fibers and cells, promoting activity in fibroblast cells, which strive to create new collagen and elastin fibers. This helps to tighten the skin and improve its overall texture.

How to Tighten Loose Skin on Your Stomach Over Time

Many procedures and products are marketed as stomach skin tightening solutions; however, some have limitations in terms of attaining a smoother skin texture and overall tighter skin in the stomach area without being invasive, particularly when used alone. Despite these limitations, there are steps to ensure you achieve maximum long-term benefits from a process such as Exilis. These processes include:

Healthy Diets: One 2019 review affirms that eating a healthy diet and exercise can assist with decreasing stomach fat; abstaining from excessive food can assist with diminishing visceral fat (fat around your organs), your absolute best chance at decreasing stomach subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin) is through an everyday practice of both eating a healthy diet and exercise.

Work to cut your calorie intake by half, skip the sugar even in some fruits, and eat whole fruits instead of fruit juices; vegetables are your friends in this journey, eat more plants, go for low-fat dairy products and enjoy lean meats. Intentionally build a diet around foods that support your collagen production.

Consistent Exercise Routines: When paired with a balanced diet, exercises can help you shed as much weight as you need to get a tightened stomach skin to a large extent. A consistent exercise routine helps to reduce the look of loose skin. Exercises like running, swimming, and walking, which engage the whole body, can help you reduce fat while building a great muscle mass to support your skin firmness. However, this usually depends on the person’s body type, genetics, and how regularly they exercise or engage in high-activity workouts or aerobics. With age, the skin loses its capacity to tighten, and exercise alone will not restore loose skin, especially after significant weight reduction.

Waist Trainers, Bodysuits, and Shapewear: These are a girl’s best friends for that instant flat, tight stomach look. While you work on getting the overall naturally looking flat tummy, who says you can not rock the look with an assortment of waist trainers, body suits, and shapewear fit for any occasion or style? A quality fitted waist trainer will have you snatched up in such a way that you probably thought was impossible. While a body suit helps you helm in all the loose fat, you do not want to dangle all over the place. As you begin your journey towards a tighter-looking mid-section, having (these bad boys) an assortment of any garment support pieces can help you stay motivated to work towards your goals.

Non-surgical treatments Such as Elixis

Once you can reduce your weight and have some loose skin, especially around your stomach area, non-surgical treatments such as Exilis are the greatest skin tightening techniques for the stomach. Plus, Exilis shows huge promise among the growing list of non-invasive procedures. Since it is non-invasive, it keeps your skin intact. No incisions or scars need to be healed, and the procedure is normally performed in the office of a medical expert or clinician. Most body regions may be treated with this technique immediately, requiring no downtime. Exilis may be used on all skin types, and most people will benefit from therapy regardless of body type. There may be brief side effects, including swelling or redness, but these should go away within a week of therapy.

In conclusion,

While Exilis sounds like the dream therapy to achieving all your flat belly dreams, there are steps to take that you achieve and maintain the results from the therapy. Discuss extensively with your practitioner to determine your eligibility and possible results. View before and after photos of their previous patients and determine how to pace yourself in-between sessions for maximum results. Remember, the key is to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle to boost the production of your declining collagen. However, while pursuing the perfect tight or flat belly of your dreams, keep your motivations high by trying out an assortment of shapewear, bodysuits, and waist trainers to give you that ‘VA VA vroom look for any dress and occasion.

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